Kevin is an idiot

I have been interacting on FaceBook with a conservative named Kevin. On one level he seems to be an okay guy but on another, he comes off as a bit of an idiot. Why? Because to prove arguments, he suggests that one Google something, then based on the number of hits generated, he deems as credible anything churned up via a key word search.

In Kevin’s world, the popularity of a topic (as measured by “hits”) gives it weight…e.g. “For those who think this is not an issue – Google ‘Voter Fraud 2010’ – over 3 million hits.”

I’ve tried to explain to Kevin that Google search results can indeed yield a universe of information, much of it not remotely verified.  That just because someone writes about something on-line and it winds up being culled by a search engine doesn’t mean it’s valid. Witness this banal article. I don’t even know Kevin.  He’s some guy that commented on a thread we both can access.  Even so, Google “Kevin is an idiot” and for the time being, this post will appear near or at the top of your generated results list.  If I embed a bunch of hot (ribald or profane) keywords, I could generate gazillions of hits with precious little content–none of it even remotely pertinent or factual.  Welcome to the disinformation age.

At one point, Kevin instructs me to “Google Acorn Voter Fraud.  According to an FBI report, Acorn workers said that the purpose of their Project Vote cards were to: To cause confusion on election day to keep polls open longer  ◦To allow people who can’t vote to vote.  ◦To allow to vote multiple times.”(sic)  No citation for an unnamed report, featuring unidentified ACORN employees and anonymous FBI agents…but it’s the product of a Google search, so I’m expected to accept it unflinchingly.

I don’t mean to be uncharitable but that’s why I consider Kevin to be an utter flatliner. It’s not the only reason, mind you…his opinions are rife with right-wing logic and talking points that date back to Reagan.  I’m used to that.  Those of us who spend any time at all debating socio-economic issues with  American conservatives are accustomed to sharpening these dull, old saws.  In the end, though, it’s a waste of time, because theirs is the only valid explanation.  (So there’s that.)

Kevin is really NOT an idiot–I just used that as a device–but he could play one on TV.

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NWO Packs it in

After better than two years, I’ve decided to allow New World Odor to fade into the sunset. I’d like to thank all of my friends and readers who offered support and shared opinions here.  I have a FaceBook Page, which to the chagrin of many, reflects the same focus and interests expressed here, so if you want to continue to read shorter bits of opinion and commentary in line with what you’ve enjoyed on NWO, feel free to “friend” me there. Don’t forget to mention  NWO.

Thanks again and “Happy Trails.”  Stay positive and don’t give up. We’re playing for keeps.

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Kent State University, May 4, 1970

To observe the Kent State Shootings, I’m reposting an essay I wrote 2 years ago.

The night of May 2, 1970 I was a 17 year-old high school senior, living about 40 minutes east of Kent, OH.  One of my brothers lived on campus.  A carload of friends and I hoped to get on campus to party, then stay to join the demonstration against President Nixon’s escalation of the Vietnam War by sending troops into and bombing Cambodia.kent-state-5

I went to Kent frequently.  I knew several ways onto campus but each was blocked.  To pass, we needed to produce KSU student ID, which none of us had.  After about an hour of trying different routes and tactics, we gave up.  As we drove home,  students torched the ROTC Building, which became a turning point in the ramp up to the events that culminated in the infamous brutality and murder May 4th that will forever be associated with this day.

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Nonverbal communication on the House floor

A little nonverbal communication from  Joe Crowley (D-NY) , who delivered a one-minute on the House floor. Thanks to Skewriter for posting this on her blog, November Fifth.

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Friday Night Concert Clip: Glenn Hughes/Joe Bonomassa “Medusa”

One of my favorite rock acts of the early `70s was Trapeze, a British power trio showcasing the talents of guitarist Mel Galley, singer/bassist (also of  WhitesnakeFinders Keepers and Phenomena),  Glenn Hughes, (later of Deep PurpleBlack Sabbath and gifted Brit blues-rocker Gary Moore,) and drummer Dave Holland, who went on to join Judas Priest.

Their sound was heavy, dynamic, bluesy, raw and melodic; Hughes’ vocals were filled with passion and prowess, each player contributed to a whole that transported eager listeners to new heights of rock euphoria.  Trapeze’s talents did not end stop with the studio. Live performances brought praise and rabid fan response. Settling in Texas, they toured the USA heavily. Unfortunately, their run was limited and output, compared with other bands of similar stature, was not prolific.  Trapeze suffered lineup changes yet continued to tour and record for decades.

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Priestly Pedophiles: The Devil didn’t make them do it, it was the ‘homos’

Catholic Priests accused of pedophilia were lured into their immoral acts by gays who now accuse them of deviant behavior. The victims weren’t victimized at all. In fact, they were the aggressors.


Oh, and the reason the Catholic Church has needed to so doggedly defend itself for so long against such wide-spread, baseless accusations is because it opposes abortion, gay marriage and women as clergy.  Welcome to the twisted world of   uber-right-wing, self-appointed president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, Bill Donahue.

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Despite Deep Cuts, Defense Spending Deepens

Many of us watched in disgust the ministrations of our lawmakers as they preened, lied, cried, threatened, insulted one another and worst of all, showed their unbridled contempt for America as conservatives promised to shut down its government. The Tea Party and libertarians were as giddy as schoolgirls at the mere suggestion. “Shut it down,” they cried.

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Poll: Nearly half of Mississippi Republicans would outlaw interracial marriage

I hope to one day go to Mississippi, home of the Delta Blues Museum, a handful of surviving Juke Joints, B. B. King, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Little Walter, and the proverbial “crossed roads” of Highway 61 and Highway 49 where, as legend has it, Robert Johnson sold his soul to Satan in return for uncommon blues prowess. Clarksdale’s annual Juke Joint Festival is on my Bucket List. But I digress. This post is about bigotry, not blues.

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American Exceptionalism: Manifest Destiny for Shitbirds

Whenever I hear Americans talk about how exceptional we are it makes me cringe. That’s not to say I don’t believe that we as a nation are incapable. We lead the pack at many things. For instance, we excel at war.  We also are quite generous, especially to those we exploit, unless they happen to live among us. We’re nation builders, yet can’t seem to stop ours from crumbling.  We endeavor to spread democracy yet keep making it harder to find it in our midst.

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Friday Night Concert Clip: Clark Terry, “Mumbles,” etc.

I love rock music. Raised on symphonic, classical and big band, my musical rebellion was fueled by rock. Like most of my generation, upon reaching my teens, I eschewed “serious” music for the sorcery of simpler composition; loud, amplified guitars, thumping percussion and howling vocals. I wallowed in rock as a consumer and as a wannabe performer, wetting my feet enough to learn that I  still needed a “day” job.

I discovered jazz in college.  Though far beyond my musical abilities, I had by then accumulated (like radiation), sufficient musical exposure over time to appreciate Jazz’s capacity for improvisation, expression, communication, technical prowess and passion.

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