IMPEACH While There’s Still (Barely) Time


King George. No One Was Willing to Tell Him

For years, my car bore an “IMPEACH BUSH” sticker.  In fact, I think it went on in `03. It used to raise the ire of drivers who would flip me off as they cut me off or pulled up beside me, red-faced and screaming at the top of their lungs even though my windows were closed.  Eventually, I grew tired of the harassment and it seemed so unlikely that my dream would ever be realized, I took it off. Things calmed down.

What didn’t is the case for impeachment.  And Cheney recently said that unless Bush gets impeached, anything they did while in office will be inherently made legal. How convenient! I still hope that better angels will prevail but at this point I may as well wish upon a star.

Today Bush mentioned that he wants his $2 million future home in Dallas to be protected by a neighborhood security gate,  something large, steel, I must assume, tasteful yet secure and wants FEDERAL taxpayers to pay for it.  This guy has GAZILLIONS  but he’ll stick the American people with the bill so he can cuddle up at night with “My Pet Goat” without fear.  This should be some gate.   The thing is, he’ll get it and we’ll pay for it.  In light of all he’s done, it’s probably not worth an asterisk. But I’d still like to see him face charges for the crimes he committed against America, future generations and the world.

(Thanks, Robin)
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2 Responses to IMPEACH While There’s Still (Barely) Time

  1. RobinSnyder says:

    (1)Perception is everything. If the perception of the US is ever to be restored to its post WWII status then there is one set of actions that will serve more than any other. And it is the one thing that is least likely to occur. Wealthy, powerful criminals have to be prosecuted, convicted and sentenced. For instance, if Bush were convicted of war crimes, the positive result would be immeasurably large and echo through the ages. Instead the best we can hope for is the occasional offering of a low level scapegoat. This is followed by a lengthy trial and media circus ending with a commuted sentence and/or pardon from the Commander in Chief (who is the ultimate guilty party). In the non-case of Bush and his cronies, the corporate media has dutifully fallen in line to back up the incoming politicians claims that the public doesn’t have the stomach for prosecuting the crimes of the recent past and just wants to move on to work together. Oh happy days! At Nuremburg even the Soldiers “Just following orders” were hanged. There was no talk of “Oh well what’s done is done”. We not only had the moral authority to have those trials, they needed to happen. Overnight the US became the reluctant police of the world and most of the people were hopeful that a benevolent empire had finally arrived and the rest of the world would be helped along out of poverty and enslavement. Fast forward to now. Tragically there is little to distinguish the US from every other empire that has failed. Elections are fixed. The majority of our lawmakers make laws that serve the interest of 2% of us (including themselves and the lobbyists), with of course a few bones thrown to the workers and poor for show. We have an outgoing “administration” that is arguably the worst, most corrupt, unconstitutional, and least American of any that came before. They have blatantly, callously, and with extreme impunity committed crime after crime while fearing no consequences other than bad press. Because we are taxpayers, they have soaked our hands in the blood of their killing for profit and control. If we do not stand up and punish these liars, thieves, and murderers for their crimes we will convince no one who suffers from critical thinking that we are nothing more than a socialist government of the wealthy with a big happy face of Democracy plastered on top. I know we are sick of what has happened and want to believe we can just move on and focus on digging out of the hole the neo-cons have left us. Yet I am having a hard time seeing how this is not a huge and necessary part of that process. An Empire without moral authority has to fail. Now, on to the economy which would also be globally and positively affected by the execution of the actions proscribed above.
    (2) Perception is everything. The stimulus package must return manufacturing (or equivalent) jobs to our nation. No economy can exist without real, tangible products. When did our so-called best and brightest forget this? It must have been sometime before or during the creation of the “AFTA’s”. Unbelievably our leaders still talk of more of these free trade agreements. Does anyone not recognize these treaties for what they are, a windfall for the global corporate interests? Who by-the-way have no real national affiliation! We need to act in our nation states best interest and damn the corporate model and institutions. The whole idea of measuring success by the quarter and the bottom line has failed all but 2% of us. We have to go back/forward to a business model similar to what most every other developed nation uses. One that looks to the near and long term. One that includes trade agreements that actually create jobs, spread the wealth, share material goods, and raises the living conditions of all of us on this planet.
    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  2. Paul Sonderman says:

    Where does one start. This is one of the few times I’ve seen comments overwhelm the post. Thanks for all of the time you invested to express your reaction/thoughts.

    This is ample fodder for numerous future posts and discussions. I’m certain to refer back to it and explore it further.

    Many thanks for your detailed response. I always enjoy reading your thoughts.

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