Israel and The Religious Right


I noticed a blurb on Raw about Rev.  John Hagee and an associate of former GOP lobbyist/criminal Jack Abramoff funding a pro-Israel commercial.

hagee-cloud1If this has no impact on you, consider that folks like Pat Robertson and  John Hagee are anxious to expedite the End of Days, as predicted in the Bible’s Book of Revelations.   San Antonio’s 18.000 member Cornerstone  Church TV ministry, led by  Minister Hagee actually anxiously awaits Armageddon,   a view that echoes through the halls of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  “Bush and other leading Republicans have lined up behind a growing movement of Christian Zionists for whom a European Antichrist figures prominently in an end-times scenario”.

This fatalistic view may be partially responsible for  Bush and his cronies’ reckless behavior and “my way or the highway” foreign policies.   If no consequence is too dire, no outcome too odious, there can be absolute confidence in every decision.  After all, if it results in Armageddon, as predicted in the Bible’s Book Revelations,  there is certainly  no causation.  Armageddon is coming regardless of what we do.

A “Doomsday” philosophy benefits “true” Christians in that they are told that they will ascend into heaven as nonbelievers are left behind to suffer total annihilation.  In essence, accelerating the End of Days decreases the time true believers need to spend on our imperfect earth, delivering them into the loving arms of their Father to live in eternal bliss.  Hagee’s followers actually pray for Armageddon’s arrival.

HAGEE LETTERIt’s fine to believe such things and to plan ahead, so long as your actions don’t affect your disbelieving neighbor.  Christians are taught to live lives of love, demonstrate their faith my emulating the behavior of Christ, to do unto others as you would have them do unto themselves.  Praying for the end of the world, so that you and your prayer circle  are granted access to an eternal country club as others are doomed to annihilation and eternal damnation seems deeply hypocritical to me.  No surprise here, most of the religious right’s behavior seems to fly in the face of Christ’s teachings.  The sanctity of life they always parade around preaching about for instance, doesn’t apply to Capital punishment. Even though the Bible says “judge not, lest ye shall be judged,” evangelicals use the Bible to brand gays sinners (judging them) and impose a penalty for their offensive behavior in the form of denying them equal rights under our Constitution.  They condone violence against planned parenthood clinics, abortion providers, again, judging their sin and imposing God’s punishment. They also don’t mind Israel bombing ant Muslim nation.

Funny, the same Bible they quote says “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me“.  If we are willing to judge behavior and punish someone, especially using methods God himself prohibits in His commandments (like murder), we in essence are taking on His role here on earth, which breaks one of his most emphatic laws.

I submit that if you truly believe in God, if you’re a true “Christian,” you’ll tend your own garden   Let sinners “cook their own gooses” if that is indeed to be the ultimate consequence.  To judge, to impose one’s will before God is usurping Him, which according to His rules, offends Him at LEAST as deeply as those they accuse/judge, a transgression  these self-righteous, sanctimonious, hypocritical haters will surely answer for later.

As a Catholic, I believe in an afterlife.  I trust only God’s judgment, know when I offend Him and pray for forgiveness.   We’ll see who Armageddon benefits most, but I deeply suspect some of us  will be profoundly, eternally  disappointed.

In the meantime,  such judgmental jerks as John Hagee pull in gazillions, living like a kings on earth as they make a living Hell here for many of us.  They “judge” every heinous act of everyone. They accuse, they stoke the fires of hate. They pray for Israel as a nation  sanctioned by the Almighty as they disparage retaliation or even demands for humanitarian aid by Palestinians.  They promote violence in the Middle East and Israel’s role in it because they have a corporal death wish and feel they possess an eternal life insurance policy to provide the final payoff.

In the meantime, with US budget deficit becomes deplorably, dangerously gargantuan as government programs go under or unfunded.   China has no further interest in purchasing more US Securities, which means we must borrow more from them, even though they legally can buy and sell us, while we continue to borrow $30 Billion from  CHINA through the next decade to hand over for military aid to Israel, who has the fifth largest standing military in the world and is now bombing elementary schools in Gaza.  This, while we refuse even humanitarian aid to Palestine.  Today,  Israel blew up two UN vehicles carrying food and medical supplies to Gaza.

For the life of us, we can’t fathom why our stock is so low among Muslim nations.  Some don’t really care, because they actually believe the lie that Iraq attacked us on 9/11. They don’t hate us for our “Freedom”.   They hate us for our despotic, imperialistic aggression, occupation and endless profiteering.  It goes deeper than theocracies v. democracies.  It goes to the treachery, murder and heinous acts sanctioned by our unrelenting support of Israel.

But that’s okay, because the Apocalypse awaits.   Praise God!  (And pass the RPG).

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