UN to Israel: Get Out of Gaza


The UN has ordered an immediate cease fire in Gaza, along with removal of all Isreali forces.  The US hasn’t joined the UN’s call to action.

If you’re like me, you have trouble keeping all of the issues and back and forth in the region straight.  My earlier post on this explained why I think anyone’s crazy to live there. My last  expressed why I loathe evangelists who promote whatever Israel does, in an effort to speed Armageddon.

I also alluded to how wrong I think we are to continue to support Israel as they conduct bombing missions on schools, etc, which have taken a huge toll. We know there is always retaliation. Suicide bombers will come forth. Victims will be indiscriminate, as has been many of the casualties of Israel’s recent bombings.

Anyone stateside who questions America’s Israeli-Palestinian policy is labeled a traitor or worse.  True “patriots” ask, “How can any red-blooded American support the Palestinians?  Damn Muslims, what about 9-11?  Well, you tell me. If you blame all Muslims for 9-11, please stop. We’ve already seen where that leads.

Our decades-long support of Israel, who fought its neighbors since long before 1948,  stoked the fires of hatred that trained and supported the fundamentalists who attacked us on 9-11.  Islam is the only thing we know for certain our attackers had in common with  Muslims who live in this region.  Most 9-11 attackers were Saudis.

Even knuckleheads wouldn’t  bomb Gaza just to kill Muslims.  You see, there are Christians in Gaza,  even other Israelis…and mixed families. The bombs blow the crap out of anything they hit. They don’t discriminate.  Innocents die…lately, in large numbers:  men, ,women, kids,  babies.  Israel says they are justified because the terrorists hide among innocents. That may well be true.  So how many dead school kids justify also hitting a bona-fide target?  Is it 5?, 10? ,100?  Where’s the cutoff?


When neighbors disapprove and the UN says “Get Out,”  it’s time for a cease fire that Israel and Palestine (including Hamas) observes.   Like I said, it’s Hell on earth over there.  And we aren’t helping matters any.

Israel became a nation state in 1948. I was born in 1952. If you look at the time line in the background document I included in my first related article, you’ll see that this has been going on ever since I can remember. Try to imagine that as a resident, regardless of who you pray to.  It’s beyond my comprehension. The human cost is overwhelming. Generations of missing family members, missing members period (as in appendages) , all the dead, the disfigured and the crippled children.  Do a Google image search for “Gaza”.   Look at all of the scarred buildings, the barricades, the security.   Some “Holy” Land.

But isn’t it lovely from the beach?


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2 Responses to UN to Israel: Get Out of Gaza

  1. stjudetheobscure says:

    You are truly muddled. “Islam is the only thing we know for certain our attackers had in common with Muslims who live in this region.” That isn’t true. While not all the people who live in the Levant want to destroy Israel, there are certainly large groups who do. Another thing these groups have in common with Al Quada is a hatred of western freedom, a desire the create a Muslim superpower, and a belief that terrorism is a legitimate political tool. Hamas and Hezbollah are trying to achieve these ends with the use of terrorism. Israel is striking out at them, not the Palestinians. The UN is only aiding the terrorists with this ridiculous and repeatedly failed attempt to stop their hatred with a ceasefire. Both groups want to destroy and any pause will only allow them to refresh and re-equip.

  2. Paul Sonderman says:

    Thanks 4 reading as well as for your response. At times, I’m indeed muddled, however I feel pretty clear on this account. I won’t counter by inferring anything negative about your thought process. I will, however, respectfully disagree.

    Referring to “the Levant” is ambiguous. One must be more specific. There’s so much region-specific business in the Middle East, one needs to be more region/culture/sect specific. Did I say that certain Palestinian (or contiguous Muslims) would like to see Israel “blown up”? I missed that part.

    “They hate our freedom?” Not if they’re righteous Muslims, whose traditions are quite specific regarding behavior. And we’re polar opposites on many cultural counts. Muslim extremists can be rigid and unforgiving, much like Evangelical Christians or Orthodox Jews. But fundamentalists aside, if they’re happy as a Muslim, they would be extremely conflicted as say, a reformed Jew or a Southern Baptist.

    This “hate us for our freedom” thing is pure myth, created and perpetuated by Bush and the GOP. It sounds good in a speech but is hogwash. You’re right, many Muslims ALL OVER “the Levant” despise the USA. There are different reasons for different regions yet we oversimplify when we characterize those feelings en masse. While tempting, it’s overly simplistic and inaccurate. One must remember that were the USA uninvolved, these groups would war among themselves indefinitely. America merely provides a singular villain.

    They hate us because we support their enemy and because bombs we sold their enemy fall from jets their enemy also bought from us. They hate us because it’s been that way for generations. They hate us because even when we have no money, we BORROW it from China to provide Israel with even MORE bombs, rockets, tanks and bombers to kill them. Perhaps they hate us in Gaza because they’re forced to live like prisoners, secured by a nation state we support. To do everyday things there, they must observe strict security. One is always questioned and scrutinized. You’d hate us, too, I suspect. I know I would.

    When Hamas and/or Hezbollah hides among innocent human targets, which they indeed do, does it justify taking hundreds of lives to silence a few actual terrorists? Yes, certain radical groups use terror and indeed want to dominate the world. They use terror because it’s cheap and effective. This is a decades old, perennial condition. Two things here: You can’t kill an idea (just living things); and you can’t “WIN” a religious war. Neither is possible. We’re trying to do both.

    The UN isn’t naive enough to think that a cease fire will “stop the hatred”. What they hope to accomplish with a cease fire is to provide humanitarian aid, medicine, food and water.

    Further, Israel has no need to “re-equip”. They can escalate without limit and fight ad infinitum with their current military resources.

    Thanks again for your response. I appreciate your input. I hope there’s a shred of “food for thought” here for you. I’m just getting this started and welcome opposing views–so long as they’re civil–even if we can’t agree.

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