Blackwell, Man Love and Switching Teams

Homosexuality is condemned in the Bible–depending on which version  you accept and how Greek translates, yada, yada.   I get it.  It’s referred to repeatedly in some ways that seem open to interpretation and others more concrete. Despite right-wing contentions that “gay”is an “acquired taste,” recent studies indicate that homosexuality is most likely genetic.  If people are born gay, suggesting that they should change to avoid inheriting eternal damnation is like telling them they must change their race or eye color.

"I can scare them straight"

"I can scare them straight"

So since uber-social conservative, GOP water boy (and I don’t mean “boy” in the racist sense)  J. Kenneth Blackwell believes gays can overcome it, I think he should try to become white.  His party of choice is chock full of people who disparage people of color. Blackwell could do it. After all, Michael Jackson did.  (Apologies to MJ–I know he can’t help it. It was just too good to pass up).  A white Blackwell would certainly look more at home at Republican fundraisers.

Okay…let’s agree that the Bible says God disapproves of homosexuality.  Gay men and women of faith must deal with that.  Why are evangelical Christians  so worried about it?  Why do they feel the need to pass laws, limit rights and change the Constitution?  Homosexuality is no threat to them.  Gays are not out to turn the world gay.  They just want to be able to enjoy the rights and privileges we all expect and enjoy as Americans, as protected by our Constitution, which shouldn’t be amended to exclude anyone.


I’m no theologian but I do know that both Jews and Christians are told that only God should  judge.  Christ repeatedly urges us to forgive: debts, slights, insults, assaults…forgiveness is divine. When we judge others it frankly, pisses Him off.  And the New Testament God is a Care Bear compared with the sometimes cranky, vengeful, “take no prisoners” God of the Old Testament. Yes, Yahweh knew how to TCB.

Catholic guilt has guided me through most of my life and  I don’t want to worry about anyone else’s sin.  I’ve got plenty of my own, thanks.  The Bible tells us repeatedly that until we’re right with God, we should focus on ourselves.

I’m sick of self-righteous, sanctimonious, conservative homophobes pointing fingers and worse, getting voters riled up, fearing that a mobilized force of gay crusaders will break down their doors at any moment to zap them with their “gay ray,” dooming them to a future of show tunes, interior decorating, Judy Garland and eternal damnation. Enough, already.  Live and let live.

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