Darth Penguin: A Bee in Dick Cheney’s Bonnet


Darth Penguin: On the Cutting Room Floor

Prickly Dick Cheney, lesser known but not loved for his portrayal of Danny DeVito’s Arctic Evil Twin, despite being mercifully extracted from release prints of “Batman Returns,” has his panties in a bunch again, this time over the Pulitzer Prize awarded the New York Times for exposing crimes committed by the Bush Administration, specifically, their warrantless wiretapping.

Journalism has never been on the preferred list of activities promoted or condoned during the Bush Presidency.  From out and out manipulation via fake news stories, to planting a self-loathing, gay male escort in the Press Room to lob softballs at Bush, to paying off Armstrong Williams to promote No Child Left Behind, and disseminate misleading info on Social Security the Bush administration has sought and in many cases, succeeded in hog-tying real journalists throughout its tenure.  From  cover-ups of friendly fire incidents, to showing up in Iraq with a rubber turkey, to using our troops as mere props, to providing the “illusion of progress” for his photo op by lighting up Jackson Square in NOLA after Katrina, this president has been about one thing–deception.  Dubya et al made Tricky Dick look like Mother Theresa.  With the mad marionettes Cheney/Rove pulling the strings , Bush et all hit most their marks. IF they wanted anything out there, they had Fox News and a growing number of News Corp-acquired newspapers, so they really didn’t need anyone else.

It’s almost over, thank God.  May they never repent.  May they fly on gossamer wings straight into the inferno, where they may linger long, listening only to the anguished pleas of the tortured souls around them.

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