Narcissistic, Oedipal Dubya

“Love Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry”

If this banal contrivance were true, George W. Bush would love us to death.  One more term and he may have proven it. You always hurt the one you love, right?  Dubya loves everybody.  That’s his singular,  unfortunate flaw: he just loves too much.

He loves the attorneys and judges he methodically tracked down and unceremoniously  fired.  He loves the CIA agents whose covers were blown once his administration outed Valerie Plame.  His boundless love extends to Pat Tillman’s family, whose death by friendly fire his lackeys covered up, he extends deep affection as well as to all of the war dead, who received “autopen” death notices from Donald Rumsfeld before it came to light.  Loved by Mr. Bush and his loving family are the countless victims of our economy’s collapse, who suffered eviction, loss of income, divorce, death of a spouse by suicide, those who watched as their life’s work vanished before them. He loves those who died, lost loved ones, their family homes–or all of the above, while waiting on him to ACT when Katrina hit. Loved is matriarch Barbara, whose compassion in the wake of the tragedy was an inspiration to the entire world.

Loved are the victims of torture, who under extraordinary rendition, in flagrant violation of every law and convention regarding treatment of detainees, buckled under our extreme methods to provide erroneous information just to make the pain stop.  Loved are all those in Iraq, who died, lost limbs, lost children,  lost their ways or their ways of life  due to Bush’s illegal,  failed war, the cost of which he said  would be covered by oil proceeds.   Loved are those in shelters, living under overpasses, nestled snugly against riverbanks whose only mistake was trusting their bankers, who got fat bonuses and will retire in Boca.  Loved are the veterans who had to pay for their own meals at Walter Reed, those stop-lost until they got blown up, those injured in battle  who had to reimburse the Army for weapons/equipment cut from their bodies for field treatment, then left behind as they were flown to a hospital and whose families were then denied promised benefits on technicalities.

Loved are the vets promised sign-up bonuses but who never received them, those who died by electrocution in substandard, hastily constructed barracks built on the cheap by overpaid civilian war contractors to fulfill exorbitant, cost-plus, no-bid contracts and those who had to scavenge steel plates to up-armor their own Humvees and rely on outside sources for battle armor. HE loves those who voted against revising/updating the GI Bill.  Sweet Holy Moses, how the GOP and Mr. Bush LOVES our troops! At least he always loved standing in front of them.

Bush’s love extends to every citizen, immigrant or foreign national he’s disregarded, illegally spied on, thrown in prison or had fired for disagreeing with him or those he hired to do hid dirty work.

Loved are all of his former Press Secretaries, Colin Powell, the journos that took his money to lie, the corporations he fed until their greed exceeded his ability to satisfy them, loved are those who looked over his family, making sure that all traces of clips like “Jenna’s Butt Dance” were removed from the internet.  Loved are his Attorney’s General, who willingly lied, “forgot”  and broke the law for him–even if they merely suspected doing so might garner them more approval.

“All You Need Is Love,” George.  And if “Love Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry,” you’re love is unrequited, because millions of us  will NEVER love you back. Some would love to bean you with a size 12 or stick a bar in your spokes.  And our loathing, our revulsion toward you has little to do with your “the law doesn’t apply to me” egocentric self-absorption or the fact that you stubbornly refuse to acknowledge, account or apologize for your errors…even though these would certainly justify our ill will toward you.  No,  it’s because you ignored the suffering of millions of patriotic citizens who put their trust in you, because you pathologically lied to us, because you used God, religion, faith and “family values” as  marketing tools, because you labeled anyone who disagreed with you a traitor and because you sold us out to the highest bidders as our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers died thousands of miles away.  And for what–freedom? Is Iraq free? If so, why are we still dying there?

Churchill said, “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.”

With you in mind, Mr. Bush, I suggest a slight edit:  “Never in the realm of human decency was so much DAMAGE inflicted on so many by so few.  You took our lives. You took our livelihoods. You squandered America’s goodwill among other nations.  You made us all look like blithering, incompetent imbeciles.  You made us ashamed of you.

It’s been a tough 8 years yet you’re still oblivious to your failures. Your hubris is so deeply ingrained that you can’t imagine making a mistake.  Maybe you’re not sorry, but WE are…and we’re surely not sorry to see you go. You love America?  I sure don’t want to see how you treat those you hate.

“God talks to me.   God said ‘Screw America’.   So, go with God.”

Damn you, George Dubya Bush.

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