One Door Opens


The preliminaries over, we witness a moment in American History that fulfills one of America’s promises to itself and the world.  Today we get to demonstrate that our promise is real, at least in the “all (men) are created equal” sense.

So much damage has been been done to our Constitution under George W. Bush that its high time we resurrect it, honor and enforce it.  Those guilty of savaging it should face consequences for their actions.  Although it will be difficult to bring them to justice as we focus on all the work necessary to save us from oblivion, we must try.  To let them escape unpunished into the annals of history or obscurity would be to condone their criminal behavior.  It just sets a bad example.

For the past 8 years, we’ve suffered under a tyrannical administration bent on enforcing its narrow, ultraconservative agenda, lying to get its way, engaging in subterfuge, raising the “Spoils System” and cronyism politics to unprecedented levels.  I hope that with President Obama and Vice President Biden we can enter a new era of transparency, full disclosure, accountability and regain the trust of our nation as well as the world. We must restore honor to our government and so far, I like what I see.


It’s going to involve sacrifice and the cooperation of all Americans to stave off the peril that will plague future generations should we fail to embrace change now. But if we go down this road together, united, I’m convinced that we can be all that America aspires to be.

I pray for progress, peace, prosperity and renewal of our once great nation. I have greater expectations, restored pride and more hope than I’ve felt in a decade.  God bless America.  And if you don’t believe in God, summon whatever forces you rely on to help us accomplish the changes we need to reach our nation’s true potential.  I feel that a door to new possibilities is open and I look forward to participating as together, we rebuild our broken nation.

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