Bush: In Search of a Legacy

APTOPIX Obama Inauguration


George W. Bush, who was ungraciously booed at President Obama’s  inauguration yesterday, lifted off later to a wave of 1-finger salutes.  Delusional until the end, upon his arrival in Texas, Dubya  spoke to a group of stalwarts in Midland regarding among other things, his legacy, which he hopes to clarify in an autobiographical `behind the scenes’ book that describes his journey, culminating in his tumultuous, gut-wrenching, cataclysmic, 8-year occupancy of the Oval Office.  As he has done repeatedly both in speeches and in interviews throughout the  waning weeks of his tenure,  Bush denied the mess he was leaving behind, which yesterday included steaming piles of Wall Street road apples as the markets turned in its worst-ever inauguration day performance.

Bush feels good about his record, saying he returns to Texas with his head held high.  He did his best , said Bush and is honored to have served.  He thinks history will remember him as a man of principle, (Wha?) who never backed away from a tough decision.

"Wonder if K-Paul's is open? Looks wet."

"Wonder if I can get in at K-Paul's? Looks mighty wet."

While he  has  little to say about the  quality of those decisions, he judges that he was at least, decisive.  Tell that to Katrina’s victims, many of whom still suffer deeply.

“History will be the judge of my decisions, but when I walked out of the Oval Office this morning, I left with the same values that I took to Washington eight years ago. And when I get home tonight and look in the mirror, I’m not going to regret what I see — except maybe some gray hair.”

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