Conyers (AGAIN) Subpoenaes Rove


The legal dance between Faux News commentator and Bush groupie/BFF Karl Rove and  John Conyers, (D, MI) continues.  conyers_screencap-copyConyers has sworn all along that he would doggedly pursue every lead and each shred of evidence regarding Rove’s alleged involvement in the politicization of the DoJ, including the firing of U.S. Attorneys and successful prosecution of  Don Siegelman, which culminated in a prison sentence for the former Democratic governor.  Conyer’s conquest continues with a new subpoena, despite Rove’s incessant denials, dodges and previous failure to appear when subpoenaed to testify before the House Judiciary Committee, over which Mr. Conyers presides.

The Justice Department faced stiff scrutiny throughout the Bush Administration as numerous judges were questionably fired, due to alleged political “witch hunts” initiated by key GOP “key staff ” (code for Karl Rove).   This, along with Rove’s alleged involvement  in Valerie Plame’s outing, for which Lewis “Scooter” Libby (former Assistant to Dubya and Darth Cheney’s former chief of staff) was singled out for punishment, are among the tactics the GOP employed to exercise control, enact vengeance on its opponents, provoke fear and make elections easier for them to win during the “Dark Times”  before the “enlightenment“.rove-says-go-fly-a-kite

Bush and his cronies including but not limited to  former Bush AG Alberto Gonzales seem to have embraced Nixonian legal theory.

When contacted, Mr. Gonzales said he couldn’t recall anyone named George Bush…

Then Gonzo asked if we knew of any available jobs before begging us to call him back or better still, come over and hang. I suggested he check out my Chili recipe.

Let’s see what Bush’s former Sphincter Inspector General (Rove) has to say in response to Mr. Conyer’s latest effort.

Raw Update here and HERE

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