Limbaugh Says Obama’s Afraid of Him

On his radio show today, an apparently drug-addled Rush Limbaugh suggested that Barack Obama fears him.  That this bloated bag of snot  considers himself worthy of Obama’s consideration, let alone his fear is mind boggling. Limbaugh was responding to comments Obama made to legislators about keeping their minds open and not succumbing to ideologues like Limbaugh. Of course with Rush, it’s all about Rush. So he interpreted Obama’s warning as fear.


Hope she's not allergic to Penicillin

We know Rush is a bigoted loudmouth with legions of loyal listeners.  But come on… it’s fair game to mock race when one disagrees with a person of color?  Rush justifies everything he says based on the popularity of his show.  Limbaugh loves to speak in right wing “code”.  His audience thinks him so “irreverent,” so “free-wheeling,” that they tune in regularly wondering what on earth he’ll say next as he willingly dials it up a notch to outdo himself.  Few criticize Rush on his racist comments.  A man with no scruples, Rush Limbaugh is a self-absorbed, hedonistic, hateful half-wit that exploits  his listener’s love of the low road. I negate higher forms of life than Limbaugh every time I mow my lawn. In fact, dog droppings possess more organic complexity than does Mr. Limbaugh.

Rush’s beleaguered brain manages to muster enough motor control to make his mouth utter sounds that can be interpreted by humans. Of Obama,  Rush said, “He’s obviously more frightened of me than he is [Senate Minority Leader] Mitch McConnell…he’s more frightened of me, than he is of say, [House Minority Leader] John Boehner, which doesn’t say much about our party.”

To the lazy listener, it seems legitimate it because Rush skillfully marries absurdity with a shred of truth here–that thing about the Republican Party.  Just look at the `o8 campaign. It was a freak show. Don’t get me started on “Boner” or “McConwad”. Thinking about Rush is bad enough.

Why does anyone ever listen to any of them? What follows is typical Rush defending a “Barack the Magic Negro” “parody” that he aired in the run up to the election. He loves playing songs that ridicule people.  His fans think that they’re hilarious! He urges the real world to accept them as  “satire” The problem is, one can wrap anything–hate, lies, stereotypes, rumors, racism, sexism, character assassination and rancor–in alleged satire to say nearly anything, then excuse it by suggesting it’s “just a joke”.  Limbaugh fans think this crap is funny, just as many Americans consider Jerry Springer’s shows entertaining. As a nation, we aren’t all that particular when it comes to entertainment. We love a good, cheap shot. We revel in watching train wrecks.  We take delight in looking down on people who appear to be bigger idiots than we are. That’s all Rush has.  He appeals to the dark side of us that wants and in many cases needs to feel superior to someone. And I’m not being satirical.

More recent article on Limbaugh’s potential growing influence on the GOP here.

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One Response to Limbaugh Says Obama’s Afraid of Him

  1. zunedita373 says:

    Man, those JibJab guys crack me up.

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