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Everyone knows by now that Rod Blagojevich has fallen, replaced as Governor of Illinois by Pat Quinn. Hopefully Illinois can move past this distraction and get back to business. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to him in criminal court.

What an amazing public figure!  I watched his comments after his removal from office with awe.  Seemingly in reasonably good spirits considering the circumstances, “Blago” joked with reporters as he recited a litany of accomplishments he enacted while in office to improve the lives of the “little people” in his state, stuff the Federal Government was unwilling to tackle. Either he was medicated, is in total denial or perhaps both…yet he’s so articulate that it defies sedation as a possibility.

I won’t miss him. I doubt that Illinois will either. He deserves his day in court.  If he did what is alleged–whatever future he has–or doesn’t have, I hope that the punishment fits his actions.  And it will be a shame to take down a politician like Blago, yet fail to prosecute the bad actors of the Bush administration, in particular, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney.

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