The Young Turks Off XM

The Young Turks” signs off XM Radio and Air America

Best of luck, Chenk

Best of luck, Cenk

Cenk Uygur’s “The Young Turks” began as a web stream/podcast program that Sirius Satellite Radio picked up prior to its debut on Air America and XM.

Since then, TYT bounced around  Air America’s lineup and most recently aired on XM 167 “America Left” weekdays from 8-10 AM.

New World Odor wishes TYT the best as they continue as a streaming web program and podcast.  Cenk Uygur’s entertaining, irreverent banter and progressive insights were a welcome aspect of Air America (arguable one of its best) and those of us who love The Young Turks are grateful to still be able to catch its web casts, seen live online Monday to Friday, 6 – 9 pm ET . Its last satellite radio broadcast was this morning.

Hopefully, TYT will reappear on XM/Sirius at a future date.

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