Hater David Duke Rages on GOP for Steele RNC Pick


Pam’s House Blend reports that notable white power tool David Duke has his tiny panties in a bunch over Michael Steele’s appointment as Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

The ever-seething “Duke-bag” opened his sphincter wide enough to say:

“I am glad these traitorous leaders of the Republican Party appointed this Black racist, affirmative action advocate to the head of the Republican party because this will lead to a huge revolt among the Republican base. As a former Republican official, I can tell you that millions of rank-and-file Republicans are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore! We will either take the Republican Party back over the next four years or we will say, “To Hell With the Republican Party!” And we will take 90 percent of Republicans with us into a New Party that will take its current place!

Read the rest here. (Make sure a barf bucket is handy).

Despite his extreme positions and myopic views, Duke is a man of considerable accomplishment. Even so, a little digging exposes him for waht he is, an ideologue, with little more to offer.  When running for Governor, Tim Russert pointed out how ill-prepared he was to run the state.

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