Screaming Headless Torsos: Vinnie


Back in the 90s, when Alternative Rock was fertile, I’ll never forget hearing and then seeing a band called “Screaming Headless Torsos,” a crossover hard rock/funk/jazz fusion outfit that defied categorization.

Musically, they were truly diverse, plugging in the aforementioned elements to many others. Led by guitarist David Fiuczynski, the Torsos were fronted by Dean Bowman, a singer in the Lennie Williams (early Tower of Power) mold with a Cory Glover (Living Colour) edge,who also yodeled, Screaming Headless Torsos made lyrical references to Austrian composer, painter and renaissance man Arnold Schoenberg and displayed chops equal to any of the best on their respective instruments.  They were a powerhouse of creativity and technical prowess. Upon seeing their music video of “Vinnie,” I bought their debut CD, which my son, a budding expert percussionist and future music teacher, quickly claimed. I ended up buying a second copy for myself.

I lost track of them but was recently reminded when they appeared in a YouTube search for something completely unrelated.

If you like the genres mentioned above but have never seen Screaming Headless Torsos, enjoy. If you remember them, this is for you.

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