Turd Blossom to Cooperate

roveKarl Rove’s lawyer Robert Luskin now says that Rove will cooperate with investigations related to the politicization of the Justice Department including DoJ internal probes of former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman, however he avoided comments related to Bush’s 11th-hour extension of his broad application of “Executive Privilege” to former advisers past his presidency.

Rove has defied past House Judiciary Committee subpoenas and Luskin advised him first to defy the most recent one, so this could constitute a “U Turn,” depending what Rove is willing to admit.

TPM Muckraker reports

Regarding the more recent probe by Dannehy, Luskin said: “I can say that he would cooperate with the Dannehy investigation if asked.”

In recent days, according to legal sources, two former Bush White House officials, including one former aide to Rove, have been contacted by investigators working for Dannehy and asked for interviews. One of the two has agreed to be interviewed.

Regarding the decision to cooperate with Dannehy, Luskin said that Rove “has not and will not assert any personal privileges.” He also said that in regard to the earlier probe, Rove had not done so, but had rather only “followed the guidance of the White House.”


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