Robert Novak Retires


February 4, 2009:

Robert Novak, famed right-wing pundit/newspaper columnist and TV political talk show personality has  announced his retirement due to health reasons.  Mr. Novak has suffered cancer for some time and it’s unlikely that he will beat it.

New World Order wishes Bob and his family the very best and hopes their troubles as he deals with his illness are surmountable.

As a liberal, I never cared for Mr. Novak’s views, which to me were shallow,  thinly disguised GOP talking points.  It would be nice to say that his personality redeems him this but on numerous, storied, public occasions, he’s proven that point difficult to concede.  In private he may be a very decent, loving man.  And even though we differ on a political level, I give him credit for sticking to his guns.  It’s often easy to complain yet sometimes difficult to suffer the slings and barbs of others.

Suffice to say, we wish Mr. Novak and his family peace, undestanding and blessings as they deal with this chapter of his life.

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