Why Does Anyone Listen to Andy Card?


"There are wet wipes in the Limo. You can shower on the plane."

Andrew Card has been a barnacle on the hull of the GOP ever since he latched onto Ronald Reagan. Tenacity, he has.  Intellect, not so much. An early adopter/initiator of America’s  rush to war in Iraq, Card capped decades of bad advice with this ideological brain fart, then spent ensuing years defending it.  Uttering a cacophony of stupid statements, Card is always good for a soundbite.  While not as colloquially challenged as Dubya, his stupidity is evident in his reasoning and the banality of what passes for logic in his addled brain.

great-get-up-cardHis latest quest is calling out Obama for the alleged “locker room” environment he’s purportedly promoting in the WH. “Shirt-sleeves,” for God’s sake… no jackets and ties for aides/advisers…this is scandalous stuff, not in keeping with the high office.  Card claims that Bush’s insistence on business attire was in keeping with the status of the Oval Office and that anything less is showing one’s ass.

What an ultramaroon!  Andy forgets that you can dress up an asshole and it’s still an asshole. The neocons proved that.  Rove dresses nice but still looks like a pasty, puffed-up, candy ass. Then he opens his mouth and removes all doubt as to his asininity.

After all these years, how can these chumps still not get it?  They think that all ya’ gotta do is look professional to be professional. It reminds me of a racist joke I heard years ago in Indiana which I’ll alter to minimize its offensiveness: A pair of  county bumpkins, brothers, decide they want vasectomies.  On the appointed day, they show up wearing tuxedos.  The confused Urologist asks why they’re all dressed up? One brother replies, “Well, we figure that if we gonna’ BE impotent, we oughta’ LOOK impotent!

Form doesn’t trump function, Mr. Card. You want a job where looking good matters, try GQ.  (As if…) If a man is bent on sodomizing you, it doesn’t feel any better or more “official” when he’s dressed for success.

Proving that a multitude of dicks in the world aren’t actually named “Dick,” Andrew Card…New World Odor’s Honoray “Dick of the Week.”

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