GOP=Gigantic Offensive Payday


The Boner (D-OH) and Mitch McCon-Job(R-KY) have been trumpeting the  obscene compensation of overpaid Wall Street Bankers, which has strong backing from royals at the top of the Republican Party, who see President Obama’s  comments regarding capping salaries for heads of corporations on taxpayer life support as offensive.

Their  incessant “free trade, let the market decide, small government” crap may have some pertinence were the involved companies and executives  not burning  bailout funds like troops on a 48-hour pass.

Bear in mind, this isn’t even our money. It’s money we must BORROW in the name of TAXPAYERS, then HAND OVER to WALL STREET BANKS, who then line the pockets of their bigwigs, while refusing to lend regular folks more money, which is what the “stimulus” funds are meant to do.

These guys are bought and paid for.  The bank, investment and insurance lobbies (joined at the hip) have these guys on a very short lead.  It’s the same thing that led to the systematic dismantling of the FDA by big Pharma.

Money talks, especially in the GOP.  As badly as they’ve failed,  why does anyone pay the slightest attention to these round-mouth ass clowns?

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