Welcome Back Press: Obama’s Press Conference


As I listen/watch President Obama’s 1st prime time Press Conference, general reactions include his willingness to talk in detail, his inclusion of reporters that never participated in Bush’s events and his ability to explain things clearly without resorting to banal rhetoric, fear tactics and simple talking points. He is nuanced yet approachable, gracious, affable, relaxed and in control.


I also notice with delight a certain red-haired ex-football player/play by play announcer/republican turned democratic talk show host seated immediately to Helen Thomas’ left: Big Ed Schultz.

If you’ve been listening to Ed, you know his show has overcome extreme odds to be a successful progressive radio program that continues to build a loyal following. It’s great to see him in the Press Room and I know he had to be just busting. Kudos, Ed!

I’ll let the experts dissect the President’s performance. I’m pleased, however, that he’s providing such access, is obviously such a critical thinker and is able to speak so freely and easily possessing a clear grasp of policies, problems, options as he actually has a clue as to what Americans are thinking.

If the hard core righties can get their heads out of each others’ arses long enough to get with the program, we just may make it through this.  That WON”T happen, however, if they keep listening to  John “Helmet Head” Boner, Mitch McConJob, John the phony McLame and the ever- sibilant, over-theatrical Senator from South Carolina, Limply Bland.  I did enjoy Barb Boxer’s observation of Limply’s grandstanding  on the Senate floor.

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