Salmonella: Not a Guy You Want to Hang With


Salmonella should be called something else.  It reminds me of a guy I probably would have hung with in high school.  You know…his brothers Nick and Vinnie Monella ran with the Romano boys.

“Salmonella” just doesn’t SOUND as odious as  “the Black Plague,” “Typhus,” “Cholera,” Tuberculosis,” “Anthrax,”  “Diphtheria” or “Malaria, ” which shares its nefarious root (“mal”) with  “malaise.”  “Salmonella” sounds like something to order as a side, perhaps with humus.

That USA citizens are dying due to Salmonella-contaminated food is tragic.  It’s also completely unnecessary.  The FDA has been systematically dismantled by the GOP, with horrific consequences to Americans.  Their rush to deregulate  on principal essentially neutered a once-effective government agency, as everyday citizens became victims of short-sighted, well-heeled legislators granting favors to powerful food and pharma lobbies.

The result has been a legendary regulatory failure.  Countless Americans stricken with illness, casualties due to contaminated food and poorly researched drugs on a scale deplorable in an alleged world science and agriculture giant.

We’re not used to this. It happens in Third World Countries, not in the good old U S of A.

That hundreds of Americans have been severely sickened and at this point 8 have died in its latest incarnation as a peanut-related curse is a disgrace.  We’ve had problems with organic milk… had to stop eating burgers, suffered through a tomato/lettuce  ban to find that the REAL culprit was my good friend and diet essential the innocent little Jalapeno–and now it’s Mr. Peanut.  Come on… President Carter would have had NONE of this BS.  This is just nuts!

Let’s rebuild the FDA and get to where it can keep companies from poisoning us. Enough is enough.

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