Bush: We Laughed at Him, Not With Him


I never had much good to say about George W. Bush and my antipathy preceded his tenure as A-hole in Chief.  I thought him a buffoon when he was a governor.  As he progressed, I dreaded his ascendancy and my every apprehension was actualized.  I never cared for George H. W. Bush either or for that matter, the patron saint of the Republican Party, “The Gipper.”

This trio of stooges in my opinion, have had a cataclysmic impact on out nation and the world. They make me long for Eisenhower. I expect the pain of Dubya’s legacy to linger for generations.  But he also left behind a wealth of media clips well beyond that of any president in the era of electronic recording.

While many compilations exist, Letterman ran a clip of gaffes that is momentous.  I hadn’t seen this and if you haven’t, enjoy.

Say what you will about Dubya but despite his monumental flaws, he was one funny SOB.  (That’s right, I don’t care for Barbara “This is working out well for them” Bush either).

Good riddance, Bushes all.

(Thanks Shel)

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