The Problem with Phelps


I saw updates again today about Michael Phelps.  The problem is, I couldn’t be less interested.

If you’ve read this blog, you realize by now that I’m not a big sports fan. I admire athlete’s discipline and acknowledge their dedication.  But save rare exceptions,   I don’t look to them as role models, sources of inspiration, fonts of wisdom or for self-improvement tips.

I wrote about Michael Phelps because the substance he stands accused of using potentially IMPEDES performance, not enhances it.  My fascination lies in the irony of such a specimen placing obstacles in his way.

Back when Babe Ruth dominated baseball, experts found his exceptional abilities difficult to square with his life-style.  As many of his contemporaries ate right, worked out religiously, avoided raucous living (at least while playing the game), Ruth partied all night, ate like a pig, drank like a fish and still swatted them out of the park like no one else.

Now, that’s a story. When someone does everything right and succeeds, that’s great.  But when they break the rules, beat long odds or do it “blindfolded,” it’s all the more compelling.

As for punishing bad behavior, if no minors were present, no one was assaulted and there were no robberies, murders or crimes other than those of consumption–if all they were doing was drinking beer and smoking weed, as ill-advised as it was for Mr. Phelps to be seen/photographed in such a compromizing situation, I have no interest in seeing him or anyone else present at the party prosecuted.  I see no constructive purpose in making examples of Phelps or other revelers in attendance.

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2 Responses to The Problem with Phelps

  1. llabesab says:

    So you don’t think the USA is heading towards becoming a “third world country?” One clue is that we revere idiots like Phelps and give him multi-million dollar endorsement contracts and only give that Hudson River pilot the “keys to the city.” They should have given him the keys to a Citibank vault and should have held Phelps underwater for the amount of time it would take Phelps to swim 26 miles.

  2. Paul Sonderman says:

    Regarding pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, I think that the strength of a story of a crew drawing on training, years of experience and composure to achieve a positive outcome in a world where most news is bad made it sensational. I’ve got no problem with commending the crew, including Sullenberger for keeping their wits about them and doing what needed to be done.

    I see no benefit in punishing Phelps. Sure, he was careless. He should know better. But we all screw up. And if he wasn’t who he is. this would have barely made the local, weekend news.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

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