Chinese Variation on “Thelma and Louise”

Souring Chinese Economy Makes it Impractical for Chinese Executive to Maintain Stable of Concubines


From the “you don’t see this everyday” file…

A disgruntled, spurned mistress took matters into her own hands as she drove her “sister mistresses” and their affluent Chinese “sponsor” off a cliff, protesting his decision to thin her from his “herd”.  This provokes a dramatic image indeed.

Unfortunately it appears that the grim reaper visited only the jilted ex-mistress. The others, all passengers who escaped with injuries, left their employer, as did his spouse upon hearing of the sordid arrangement.

The businessman plans to remain single until, if economic conditions permit, he can relocate to Utah. (This is a bold, tasteless lie. The truth is in the provided link. I couldn’t resist.) I never miss HBO’s”Big Love.”

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