GOP Fertilizer Merchants: “Democrats Don’t Want GOP to Read Dem “Spending” Bill”

Party Hacks Bloviate About Stimulus (Code Word: “Spending”) Bill

Although he refused to mention it, I suspect that  Hannity’s frustration stems from the fact that he’s much more accustomed to picture books.

The Talking Sphincter claims that posting of the bill as  PDF Files  was an overt effort by Dems to  obfuscate review process.

Reflecting upon our entrance into the War in Iraq, do you recall similar outrage from any of these guys about insufficient time for lawmakers to study related bills? Noop… he Patriot Act in particular, which stripped long-revered rights of privacy and Habeas Corpus, was rammed through Congress like a white-hot poker.  No GOP bitching on that one, just flag-waving and “Let’s Roll”.

Red Herring claims that the Recovery Act was ramrodded through without ample opportunity for legislative review are simply gaseous.  Sections of the Stimulus Bill were released as it was developed/reviewed, long before issuance of its final revision.

Approved sections simply don’t require scrutiny similar to those under contention–they can be skipped… so less review time is typically needed closer to the end of the process.  Anyone who develops manuscripts knows that as editorial review hones them, suggested changes are argued, incorporated  or rejected. In Congress, all of these discussions/decisions are a matter of record. As bills progress, they typically tighten up and legislators can focus on issues that remain under contention or require further discussion.

Slant head Hannity,  Talking Sphincter Limbaugh and Round mouth Beck et al  broadcast fertilizer. That’s what they do. They want to be sure that the pliable minds of their devoted zombie fans yield a lush harvest of hate, lies and contempt.  Truth, not so much.

Move on, folks.  Nothing to see here.

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