Pat Robertson Denounces Rush Limbaugh


Who ya prayin' to, Pat?

I’ve never been a Pat Robertson fan. His self-righteous, judgmental CBN and the 700 Club are right-wing, ultraconservative, pseudo-Christian machines that bilk millions out of their unfortunate true believers every year.  Robertson invokes God as the reason for all manner of human suffering. He bashes gays with wanton abandon.  Robertson once referred to feminism thusly: “It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians. ” He even asked God to kill Hugo Chavez–hardly the petition one would expect from a devoted follower of Christ.

Mr. Robertson, his deceased former partner in crime Jerry Falwell, current live members of the Faux-Christian Crime Coalition Dr. James Dobson, Rev. Rob Parsley, Apocalypse promoter John Hagee, Ralph Reed and a host of other mega church snake oil salesmen dominate the American Evangelical movement and hawk a vile, vicious, vengeful, judgmental, vindictive brand of political activism under the guise of Christianity, backed up with heavily out-of-context manipulations of biblical scripture.  As believers lay hands on the screen, they liquidate resources to support these self-obsessed, hypocritical, sanctimonious, hate-filled profiteers.

So why did Pastor Robertson recently renounce the darling of the religious right and their chosen GOP figurehead, Mr. Sphincter himself, Rush Limbaugh ? Because Rush barfed aloud what each of them dare only to whisper–that he hopes President Obama will fail.  If you honestly accept that Pat Robertson would take no pleasure in this outcome, I must ask, given his history, “why?”

I commend him for doing so, even as I suspect his intentions are less than sincere but if anyone thinks this parasitic vulture masquerading as a man of God is any more a Christian than the one who wishes entire towns be destroyed for rejecting “intelligent design,” I suspect you’d be duped. I’d like to say, “Atta’ boy, Pat” but would rather wait to see how long it takes before this quasi-Christian karma chameleon again changes color.

Clever, he is.  But a Christian? From outward appearances, he indeed sends mixed signals.  At least this latest pronouncement appears on its face to be more consistent with Biblical teaching than much of what he’s said in the past.  Who am I to judge?  Christians believe in the saving power of God’s grace–salvation won through the crucifixion of His Son. That may be Pastor Pat’s ace in the hole.

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2 Responses to Pat Robertson Denounces Rush Limbaugh

  1. Jason says:

    Hey, just caught 20 seconds of your blog on Alpha Inventions and it was enough to lure me in for the whole post. And that’s the first time that’s happened since I started using that site a few days ago. Good stuff you’ve got here! I’ll definitely have to blogroll you and come back.

  2. Paul Sonderman says:

    Thanks, Jason. Appreciate your interest. I try to post daily, some days more than others as time permits. I just clicked on yours and it’s a welcome surprise. Great stuff! I’ll be linkin’ to ya’, you betcha! (wink)

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