Friday Open Thread: GOP The New Overseers

I get a kick out of chuckleheads like the Boner (R-OH), Mitch McConJob (R-KY) or Lindsay Grim (R-SC) getting all up in the dems face about “We gonna be watching you.”


They threaten that they’re gonna’ be on dems like ugly on an ape or (emphasis mine) lies on a republican, yet where were they when they held the cards?  Building the biggest government EVER , amassing unprecedented budget deficits as they secured pork for constituents and gave billions–literally shrink-wrapped palettes of cash–to no-bid contractors who electrocuted our troops and to war lords, who had to account for nothing–that’s where.

Should the dems be quaking in their boots? After all, given the record of oversight these guys have, how do we know they’re even capable of it?



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