Obama’s Recovery Program: It’s a Rule, Everyone Has a Stool


When President Obama signed the economic recovery bill, he made good on a promise he revealed to Americans as a multi-pronged approach, the components of which cannot be separated–they are integrated, like the legs of a stool.

This simile helps us picture a plan of stability.  The president mentions that our stool will have at LEAST 3 legs.  Good point, this one.  Experiments with two and one-legged stools reveal inherent instability.  While each can keep one’s arse off the pavement, over time fatigue sets in and the squatter is ultimately unseated.

So with at least three legs, we know our stools will be firm. If we have the intestinal fortitude to produce high-quality stools, our country is in for a recovery that could match that of the legendary small city of Blaine, MO which was catapulted to prominence as coincidence would have it, by a president and a stool.  So, hats off to Blaine and to Mr, Obama.  With hard work, American know-how and chutzpah, hopefully we can replicate the dramatic rags to riches story of the fine citizens of Blaine, MO.

Many thanks to “Waiting for Guffman” for this clip



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