UPDATE: Living Hope Tabernacle Still Getting Evicted


Put on your travelin' shoes, bro...


Living Hope Tabernacle, Columbus, IN–Eviction is ON!

I wrote February 2 about Living Hope Tabernacle, in Columbus, IN a church that faced eviction in part for opening its doors to the homeless.

I noticed a spike in traffic yesterday and discovered that the eviction is in fact, progressing. Perhaps you can help.

They’re being forced from their current quarters to the pastor’s MOTHER’S HOME, which is woefully inadequate for their current ministry.

According to their pastor, Chris Rutan, Along with furnishings and supplies, eight residents will be making the move to 325 McClure Road. Rutan says that he has room for ten men at the new location, but he stresses that no one will be turned away. Rutan said that part of the process of helping shelter residents include providing a physical address for residents to receive any eligible government aid, such as food stamps and disability benefits. The shelter also helps residents to fill out job-applications, resumes and provide transportation when a resident obtains a job.”

Their immediate needs are great.  First off, they need a freaking building that will accommodate them in the numbers to which they currently minister.  Short of that, they MUST MOVE IMMEDIATELY– they need resources and volunteers. Our hopes and prayers are with Pastor Chris, his mother, Katherine and Living Hope Tabernacle as they face this challenge.

If you’re in the Columbus, IN area, and can help in any way, please call Pastor Chris at (812) 375-5199.

Please click on the link for complete details.

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4 Responses to UPDATE: Living Hope Tabernacle Still Getting Evicted

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  2. Scott says:

    That’s a seriously outrageous tragedy. IN these times of economic turmoil, a non-profit, is lending a hand up to those in need, and in turn for their selflessness are punished by the governing body of their community. Excuse me!!!???? What is wrong with this picture!!!??? Rather than evicting them, maybe the city counsel members could donate for a new building out of their already fat wallets? It’s a sad day when good deeds are penalized while illegalities in the form of self promoted pay raises and huge expense accounts take priority to helping meet the needs of the people. Sad, sad day….

  3. Paul Sonderman says:

    Sign of the times, unfortunately. Statistics don’t reveal the true severity of the problem. Media report barely scratch the surface. People and organizations trying to make a difference need help themselves. Being 56 and growing up with stories of the great depression from my parents, I never thought I’d experience anything like this in my lifetime. It’s indeed tragic.

    Thanks for responding.

  4. maryann says:

    I’d like to meet the handsome man with the dog!

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