Sam/Joe “the Bard” Wurzlebacher Bombs Borders

Joe The Plumber

If a tree falls in the forest and no one’s there to hear it…can you call yourself a lumberjack?

Such was nearly the case for Samuel Wurlzebacher, AKA Joe the Plumber/Joe the foreign correspondent/Joe the country singer/Joe the GOP adviser/Joe the author who recently appeared at a Border’s Book Store in our nation’s capitol, where he’d been booked to promote his latest and only book,  Joe the Plumber: Fighting for the American Dream, co-written with Thomas N. Tabback.

Mr. Wurlzebacher addressed a gaggle of 11 or so rabid spectators from a podium, using a microphone so even those in the back could hear.  Sam/Joe reportedly sold/signed 5 books before calling it a night.  Excusing himself, he thanked attendees, explaining that while he’d like to linger longer,  he had to pick up some caulk and get home before his putty hardened.

Ever controversial, Sam/Joe the hyphenate’s rapidly written tome apparently reveals some disparaging opinions about John McCain.  An audio interview describing them appeared on YouTube.

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