Elephant Hunt: The GOP Seeks and Finds Itself


Somebody Light a Match!

A friend recently sent me an article by Paul Jenkins of pjpolitics.com, which I saved because it’s fairly detailed and I wanted to spend more time with it. Posted on HuffPo last Thursday, it jumped up today as I cleaned up my email folders.  I’ll focus only on parts of that may have failed to resonate, were glossed over or have been further explored since it’s creation.

According to Mr. Jenkins, as the stock market plummeted late last week, Republican reaction was swift and vehement.  Right-wing leaders were tagged as “cheesy, off-putting, disastrous, untrustworthy, and inconsequential…”  get this, by fellow Republicans!

I won’t detail the reaction to the absurd choreography, production design and content of Governor Bobby Jindal’s response to Barack Obama’s address to Congress. Suffice to say, it was broadly panned.

As America teeters on the edge of a financial chasm of cataclysmic import,
Republicans still obsess over where President Obama was born.  Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL), chair of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs from 2003 to 2007, said that Obama’s not even an American, since Shelby hadn’t seen Obama’s birth certificate.  Justice Clarence Thomas agrees.  Stirring this pot may keep folks from focusing on Shelby’s dismal failure at his former post.

John McCain remains preoccupied with a helicopter fleet, ordered and mismanaged by George W. Bush.  As GOP operatives and pundits released rounds alternately at gays, open primaries (Rush Limbaugh, despite his pride in his 2008 brainchild “Operation Chaos,” now hypocritically eschews dems who may follow his advice in the next cycle), HIV-infected pregnant women and Christian fundamentalists.  Voter registration forms, the Minnesota senatorial recount and the 1981 GOP mantra “Government is the Problem” occupied the ether.

Read the whole article here.  It’s pretty jaw-dropping to see all of this in one place.  And most of it’s still swirling around in the bowl like a floater that simply refuses to flush.

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