“I’m Sorry, Rush!”

rushlimbaughHaving fallen asleep on the couch night before last, I kept waking to Rush Limbaugh, who was wall-to wall on MSNBC, not as much on CNN and your guess is as good as mine about FoxNoise.  In my semi-dream state, I was aware of his presence in the room but not conscious enough to actually understand why. A fitful night indeed!

Limbaugh’s been incendiary since his C-PAC speech and subsequent Michael Steele dust-up. Of course, the contrite  Steele apologized, but GOP criticism of him continues.  Serious conservatives just don’t cross the Drugster.  It’s like farting in church.

Making light of a really stupid situation,  the DCCC posted a website that allows template apologies to Rush. I think it’s a hoot.


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