Colbert Skewers Beck With “Doom Bunker” Bit

Round-mouth's Hairy Eye Balls

Round-mouth's Hairy Eye Balls

A little Friday afternoon levity.

Stephen Colbert recently locked his sites on Glen Beck, one of the world’s worst examples of humanity and in inimitable Colbert style, lampooned Beck’s “The War Room,” his first innovation since his bold close-up “Eye Cam/split screen” scared the Bo Diddly out of anyone unfortunate enough NOT to be heavily sedated when it aired.  I can’t find a clip for the “Eye Cam” bit–intended to show his sincerity `cuz “eyes don’t lie,” but Boy Howdy was it unsettling!  “Round mouth” Beck’s absurdly premised “War Room” lets us ride his Crazy Train by posing hypothetical situations that “experts” then discuss as if they’re inevitable.

Colbert’s version is hilarious

Raw Story report  is here

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