GOP Claims of Dem Earmarks — Mostly BS?

"Seeking Truth,"© Diane Giles (All Rights Reserved)

"Seeking Truth,"© Diane Giles (All Rights Reserved) Click on image for info

We’ve been hearing a good bit about outrageous Democratic “add-ons” or earmarks to needed economic recovery legislation, everything from $300 Million for “golf carts” to an $8 Billion “levitated” train for Disneyland.

Claims run from ridiculous to sublime. We will see a complete analysis of this by party soon. If anyone knows where one is, please direct me to it.  I have NO DOUBT that since the right was so universally against passage, we’ll see countless boatloads of pork they’ve not been broadcasting, but will gladly accept.  We definitely want to follow that-for both parties.

It’s best to question such outrageous allegations, regardless of who makes them but specifically when republican politicians are their source.  I like to go to, which is linked here under “research”.  Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, (CREW) is another good place to go.  I know it defies comprehension but believe it or not, the The Office of the Inspector General survived the Bush Administration. It also is a good source for straight poop on investigative results. I check News Hounds when Fox is involved, which wile it’s admittedly partisan, is fairly comprehensive.

Lies are to politics are what cooked books have become to the banking industry.  Republicans blame all politicians because it makes their own lying seem pedestrian. Republican are quick to project–which is what one does, knowing a weakness or fault, one tar papers opponents with it to make targets defend themselves, keeping the focus off their own foibles–and they’re GOOD at it.  So, if all politicians lie, when republicans are caught lying, it’s not that big a deal.  Attacking them for it is merely ” a partisan gotcha” game–political retribution.

But please don’t be duped. Follow the statement. Find out for yourself what the truth is. Their are Republican-backed so-called fact check sites too, but use them with caution.  It’s easy to fudge numbers, quote questionable sources and interpret raw data in a subjective way that support one’s side. I like to go to such sites, like “Accuracy in Media” but then run their sources, which often prove to be far from reputable. Another rightie site is The Conservative Post but there are many out there that offer the same sort of stuff. That’s another reason I list Rightie sites here. When you hear some douchbag making a crazy claim, the only way to refute it is to find out what was actually said and where, in what environment (or context), access the complete quote and compare it to what was reported. Often there’s a vast difference between what actually went down and what the media reports.

There are many other trustworthy government sources where data is reliable and “unspun”.  Find one, check their links and you’ll stumble across others. It’s WORTH the time. Lies are rampant, especially among the conservative talkers, who NEVER cite sources, cite sources that have already been refuted as inaccurate, report an event or comment devoid of context and lie outright.  Meda Matters for America is good at monitoring the media and following up, exposing its lies and misstatements. Crooks and Liars is a left-leaning site tha gets it right a good bit of the time but as with the others, consider the source. Try to look at both sides. Find footage, transcripts or audio. It’s worth the effort.  And you don’t have to recreate the wheel by summarizing–a lot of good journalist are already doing that. Just find the facts and link to them.

Only facts from legitimate sources can expose lies. And lives have life far after they’ve been exposed. But if you want to know the truth, there’s never been a better time to find it. That’s not to say you always will.

The government reveals what it must and at times, only what it wants to reveal.  That’s a whole different issue. And although unfortunate for most of us,  figuring out what’s true behind the sceens,  as is so often quoted lately,  is truly beyond our pay grades.

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