Friday Night Concert Series: Big Twist and the Mellow Fellows

“Hoy, Hoy, I’m Your Boy…”


I had the pleasure of seeing these guys twice–once in the Kit Kat Club, in Fort Wayne, IN and at Stache and Little  Brothers, in Columbus, OH, (both now defunct) where I actually met Big Twist and talked with him for a bit.  He graciously signed an LP of his I had brought along.

Ever dapper, always dressed and pressed to the nines, when Twist laid it down, it stayed laid.  And the Fellows were simply awe-inspiring; a well-oiled, groove machine that LOVED to surprise. Individually, they were virtuosos; together, they simply blistered.

At Stache’s, they opened (sans Twist) with an  arrestingly beautiful rendition of Chick Corea’s “Spain,” before moving on to Henry Mancicni’s “Peter Gun” Theme, which  had the crowd up long before Twist even took the stage. We stayed up all night. While this video doesn’t do them justice, it’s one of my personal favorites, “Three Hundred Pounds of Heavenly Joy.”

Big Twist left us behind in 1990.  After Twist’s death, the band changed its name to the Chicago Rhythm & Blues Kings, and they continue to delight audiences everywhere they play. Hope you enjoy this rare clip of Big Twist and the Mellow Fellows.

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1 Response to Friday Night Concert Series: Big Twist and the Mellow Fellows

  1. Last time I saw Big Twist and The Mellow Fellows was at the Cubby Bear Lounge in Chicago. They and Alliota, Haynes and Jeremiah were doing a benefit for a friends brother. It was a great informal show and gathering. Am pleased to have met such a dynamic and personable musician. As ever be well, Stephen Craig Rowe

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