Citigroup’s P(Bandit) Gets $10 Million Bonus

     Public Enemy Pandit

Public Enemy Pandit

Want a license to steal?  Be a banker.  In the latest insult from Citigroup, CEO Vikram Pandit (yes, it rhymes with “Bandit”) is getting a cool $10 million bump for his miserable performance last year.  Never mind the millions he already got. This is a bonus.  His company did so badly that he’s getting a freaking bonus big enough to buy a plane, a FLEET of cars or a home in the south of France. He testified before Congress that he was paid just $1 million last year but he actually made over $10 million.

AIG losers pay themselves hundreds of millions in bonuses despite their fleecing of the American taxpayer and Citigroup pays one flaming asshole over $10 million! Oh, they have CONTRACTS!

Remember the Republican “Contract With America ” in 1994?  How’d that work out for us?  Senate Republicans got in the way of the conservative house and basically blunted its effect.  While the contract floundered, it did further polarize Congress, paving the way for the impeachment of Bill Clinton.  Then we got”Bush-whacked,” as fiscal conservatives deregulated the financial industry and enacted corporate welfare programs that set the stage for our current economic Armageddon.  Now, the very right wing imbeciles whose party of “no” masterminded this mess are crying “off with their heads.”

Contracts are modified all of the time.  Autoworkers had contracts, too but they voluntarily modified theirs to accommodate market conditions and give their industry a fighting chance. Why is it okay for the working man to make concessions but  not these pasty, overcompensated, pricks?  How many houses do they need? How many boats? How many manicures, massages, junkets, limos, drivers, kennels, servants, custom-made suits,

These big bank sonsofbitches are criminals. If they say they can’t survive without their ridiculously insulting, inflated compensation packages, fire the bastards.  We own them now.  Renegotiate, dammit! Turn their mansions into shelters.  Put these pricks in tents.   Let them rub elbows with those they robbed to amass their fortunes.

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