The 9-12 Project: The Heart and Soul of Glenn Beck

We, the People…


Thank Glenn Beck–who hearkens us to gather as one under the “9-12 Project.”  This noble initiative, while fomented by Beck, belongs to all of us.  Among us, we have the power.  Among us we have the will.

The world is not what we once imagined it to be. As our beloved nation collapses around us, Glenn can bring us together. And together, we can change the world.

We are the answer, Beck is the tool. Utilizing this tool, we can master our destiny.  We love you, Glenn.  Your only flaw is that you just care too much.  When you cry, we cry, when you bloviate, our women folk ovulate.  When your soul aches, ours ache for you.

Listening to us, Beck gets opinions.  From us, Beck  gets the story.  Following us, Glenn climbs the mountain.  From us, Glenn gets the glory.

All Americans must come together. We must again be one nation… One nation, under Glenn.


You just care too much, brother Beck. You...just...CARE..too...DAMN...MUCH!

Listen to Glenn.  Trust in Glenn.  We are the power.  He is the tool.

See this clip. Be this clip. (CLICK HERE)

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9 Responses to The 9-12 Project: The Heart and Soul of Glenn Beck

  1. I truly enjoy your show, my wife and I have read your two books, they are great. We know that you 9-12 project is right-on. We are getting people here involved. I am reading The Great One’s book ” Liberty and Tyranny ” now and will pass it on to others. We must take the country back and get our freedoms retured for all the people! for

    We are getting to work !!!
    Jo & Tom

  2. Paul Sonderman says:

    It was satirical, folks. You’ll have to redirect this to Mr. Beck’s web site.

  3. Taylor says:

    i love the t-shirt! god bless glenn beck!

  4. Paul Sonderman says:


  5. MG says:

    Oh my goodness! some Beckians actually thought that this was a Beck praise site?! Ha ha! That is way too funny-and, I think it figures too!

  6. Paul Sonderman says:

    Stupid is as stupid does. We’re more vulnerable to terror from within than from any outside threat. This is scary, scary stuff and GB is a sincerely dangerous man.

    “He got drunk last night
    Kicked mama down the stairs
    But I’m all right so I don’t care”

    -Randy Newman, “My Old Kentucky Home”

    Thanks for commenting.

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  8. Andrea says:

    i’ll be attending my 3rd 9-12 meeting. Glenn Beck is not blind. you all who follow that terrorist obama are going to get a rude wake up call. GOD BLESS GLENN BECK! AMERICAS ONLY SAVIOR NOW!

  9. Paul Sonderman says:

    WTG, Andrea. Your appearance here single handedly diminished our collective IQs. Buh-bye.

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