Fox Lies Again Today About Its Lies Yesterday


The ever-nefarious FUX NEWS Network has been at it again and apologized for lying, but not really.

Media Matters reported a story picked up by  ThinkProgress and others  yesterday about Fox Lies broadcasting a fake news bit  for which FUX edited old Biden stump footage, in which Biden quoted McCain’s idiotic, ill-timed, potentially politically fatal comment last fall, “The fundamentals of the economy are strong.”  FUX conveniently failed to mention the fact that Biden’s comment QUOTED McCain–the resulting implication being that Biden actually AGREED with McCain’s absurd assertion, which of course is a lie.    Brad Blog has the complete story here

As a video editor, I can assure you that no such alteration of source material is or can be “inadvertent”.  Edits are intentional…ALWAYS.  Molecules on tape or digitally created code don’t  magically rearrange themselves to take on an alternate form. All editing in INTENTIONAL.

Inadvertent, my ass.  Fox has no ethics whatsoever. They think you’re stupid.  They lie about being fair, they lie about who they are, then lie about lying.  If you rely on Fux for your “News,” God help you.

“These are the types of mistakes we can expect to arise when a television network is so hungry to make a partisan point,” ThinkProgress’s Faiz Shakir said Tuesday. “It ended up fabricating the facts to bolster a false right-wing argument. It’s not fair and it’s not balanced.”

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4 Responses to Fox Lies Again Today About Its Lies Yesterday

  1. david says:

    I hate Fox news, I wish they would have gone away with the Bush administration.

  2. Paul Sonderman says:

    They are evil. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Ms. Lane says:

    So right-on…Fox has no ethics whatsoever!!! When I need a good laugh I turn them on to see how many lies and fabrications they can dot a newscast with. They may be fooling some people, but never this girl. Great little piece, thanks for keeping it real.

  4. again Faux Network doing this kinds of things.

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