Dodd Disappoints: Obama Amazes

Obama Dodd 2008

Today Chris Dodd (D CT) reversed his adamant insistence yesterday that he had no idea of how language that permitted payment of obscene  bonuses to key executives in AIG’s least successful division had appeared in his bill, the one that essentially orchestrated the details of AIG’s bailout.  Since AIG led the list of  Dodd contributors during his recent unsuccessful bid for the presidency, he indeed seemed a likely culprit but I preferred to “presume innocence.”

In CNN’s  interview, I saw Dodd’s denial recycle so many times that I could study  his body language and his eyes as he claimed complete ignorance.  His gaze was fixed, his expression, determined. His speech was conversational but measured and his body seemed relaxed enough, considering the allegations.  In the midst of a blow back of biblical proportions, Dodd held fast and I fell for it.  I wanted to believe him, because at one point Chris Dodd was my man. I wanted him to be pres.   I loved his candor, his intellect and his approachability. He wasn’t however, my first pick.

Like many Americans, I became an Obama supporter as he spoke at the `04 Democratic National Convention, when I repeatedly asked my wife, “Why isn’t THIS MAN our candidate?” As inspired as I was by Obama, I felt his chances of getting elected were long.  For that reason, I first backed Dodd, then Richardson and Edwards before finally believing that Obama could actually get it done–and I’m grateful that I did.  All of my alternate picks were proven to be flawed and I like what Obama’s doing.

Of course, Mr. Dodd expressed remorse.  Apologies abound these days.  Sometimes they make me feel better, but not when I’ve been lied to.  When someone apologizes for lying, it’s usually because they get caught or know it’s only a matter of time.  Dodd can blame the administration or Tim Geitner for exerting pressure to make him do what he did and he may even be telling the truth about that.

Still, Dodd had a choice.  Whether his slight is one of omission or commission,  the result is the same.  Add he’s sorry.  Thanks, Mr. Dodd.  Nobody’s perfect.  Good thing you fessed up.    We’re sorry, too.   Good luck in 2010.  Now back to Barack.

Obama clearly articulates his positions, steps up,takes charge, accepts responsibility and meets problems head-on.  It’s going to take time but I’m thoroughly convinced that Barack Obama is uniquely qualified to turn our ship around, an opinion that’s reinforced daily by failures of other so-called leaders and the agonizingly negative tactics employed by his uninspired opponents.

His Town Hall Meeting last night reaffirmed my confidence in him.  I’ve still got me some hope.  I went 8 years without any.   I got it back last November.   It’s gonna’ have to get a lot worse before I give up on Obama.

As far as the righties go, show me ONE that comes  CLOSE to Barack Obama on leadership, education, passion, clarity, work ethic, character and sense of purpose…just one.  We’re lucky to have him.  The right slimed him from jump and it rolled right off, so they’re still trying.  They won’t give up.  But Barack knows that you can’t “out ass-hole an ass-hole,” so he takes the high road.  That’s why my bet’s on Obama.

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6 Responses to Dodd Disappoints: Obama Amazes

  1. cyndi says:

    OMG!!! I hope that folks who foolishly voted these people in, upon the insistence of the anti-GOP, anti-Bush media propagandists now realize that voting for these clowns is a death sentence for us all. It is just amazing that these ‘public servants’ are convinved that they can jerk the Americans and we wouldn’t know anything anyways because, if we are stupi enough to vote them in, then we must really have nothing but crap between our ears.

  2. Paul Sonderman says:

    Please rethink your current treatment regimen to see if an adjustment in your medication is warranted, then come back any time. You may also want to adjust your television/leisure activities (like reading) to acquire a bit more insight. Nevertheless, thanks for commenting.

  3. Hear, hear! I believe that Obama’s style is so markedly different from the old status quo that some folks are thrown for a loop. I, however, am a fan. Nice post.

    Found you on Alpha Inventions, by the way–love it!

  4. Paul Sonderman says:

    Thanks and back at you. Love your site as well, which I also found on Alpha.

  5. Catherine says:

    Greta post Paul. Really, really loved it.

  6. Catherine says:

    Great post, but it’s also a greta post. LOL

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