Obama Takes Crap for NCAA Picks

march-madnessI love March Madness. I don’t even care all that much about sports but if I watch any, I prefer college athletes to whining, overpaid pros. My kids are devout sports fans. One even loves NASCAR.  All their friends follow and/or  play sports. They can talk for hours about nothing else as I snooze  through a big game on the floor in front of the TV.

Every year we post our brackets on the fridge. We’ve been doing it for a decade.  Once the kids leave the house, which will occur in the next several years, I expect them to scan and email me their brackets, so we can continue the tradition.  Of course, I suck at picking winners.

My boys do better. They and their friends get a kick out of my picks, particularly my “fantasy” brackets, in which I select Alma Maters if they’re in,  a little-known Catholic School or a dark horse/underdog to take the whole shebang.  I always boast about my “what ifs” and even though they take it more seriously, we have fun with it.  After each game, we update our brackets and compare our prophetic prowess.  It’s a goof.

Which brings me to the point of this banal post.   (It’s about time! Thanks for your patience).  And that is… Why are Americans becoming such “dicks? We are a nation of loud-mouthed, petty, argumentative, holier-than-thou, blustering, butt monkeys willing to go off on anyone about anything at any moment.

Evidence surfaces daily.  For instance, in response to a light-hearted announcement of Barack Obama’s NCAA bracket picks, Duke’s head coach Mike Krzyzewski voiced disdain, basically telling Obama to stick with running the country, as if Barack has no right as POTUS to have interest in anything other than his job.

Obama was just clownin’ around.  I thought it was refreshing.  Other coaches chimed in, taking Obama’s comments in stride. This is such a trivial thing, what’s the deal?  Were we always like this?  I remember LBJ picking up his dog by its ears and he wasn’t chastised to the extent Barack was for having a little fun.  Nice to see that our leader can partake in a little light-hearted activity.  I’ll take it over those dumb-assed “Holiday” videos of Bush’s dog running around the White House.   As bad and as “unfunny” as they were,  I never wanted to get up Bush’s grille because of them.

When will America quit showing its ass?   I know we’re in some deep s#-t but we simply have got to lighten the heck up.  Speaking of which, here are my “fantasy picks.”  Now remember, these are literally “Hell Freezes Over” brackets but my real ones aren’t much better.  The games have begun and I’m already getting killed.  Guess I should have lifted Obama’s.


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