Legal Action Against Blackwater for Killing Civilian


San Diego, CA:    Raw Story published an AFP report that details an incident  in which the private security firm formerly called  Blackwater (now renamed as Xe),  allegedly tried to cover up the killing of a woman’s husband by one of their agents who, at the time, was drunk.

According to a copy of the suit,  AFP reports:  “…on Christmas eve 2006, a highly intoxicated and heavily armed Xe-Blackwater employee named Andrew Moonen, shot and killed a man named Raheem Khalaf Sa’adoon, for no reason.”

According to the lawsuit, Blackwater quietly rushed  agent Moonen out of Iraq.

Beyond protecting, failing to discipline and  shielding agents like Moonen from prosecution,  the suit also charges Xe with ignoring records of  “mercenaries known to have killed innocents” and even REHIRING them.

Blackwater has collected hundreds of millions of dollars protecting State Department officials in war zones. Iraqi officials investigating a 2007 incident reported that Blackwater guards killed 17 Iraqi civilians. US prosecutors claim just 14 Iraqi civilians were killed.  The Blackwater guards pleaded not guilty to manslaughter. Blackwater was subsequently banned from working in Iraq.

Such incidents are allegedly far from isolated.  Susan Burke, an attorney for Sa’adoon’s widow, writes: “From Mr. Sa’adoon’s death to the litany of other civilian shootings by Xe-Blackwater personnel, the company has created, fostered and refused to curb a culture of lawlessness and unaccountability.”

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