All That You Dream-Little Feat

Little Feat Today

Little Feat Today

One Thing Leads to Another

A friend sent a link to a John Haitt/Sonny Landreth performance and that led to a Landreth/ Little Feat live collaboration, which is musically superb but looks pirated and sounds crappy.  In the sidebar, You Tube listed a Bonnie Raitt/Emmylou Harris/Jesse Winchester/Little Feat rendition of “Dixie Chicken”.   Being a Little Featosaurus, I started searching for old decent clips featuring Lowell George, who we tragically lost way too soon and I’ve never stopped missing.  The following clip is a gem.

When I was in college, my roommate, Buzz loved to crank up “All That You Dream” as far as the system would cleanly reproduce it (which was mighty loud) and sing along, dancing on one leg as he played air guitar in a stance remotely reminiscent of Chuck Berry.   I was a FEATS freak and to this day, revere their inventive, original writing, great playing and unique style.

I know it’s not Friday night but I can’t wait until next week to share this old performance that I’d not seen until just a moment ago.  It’s actually a good message for today.  America needs to dream more and strive to be all that we dream.

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