Michelle Obama’s a Bitch: Townhall.com

This is freaking outrageous. Period.

burt-prelutsky-coverPECKERWOOD, USA:

Right-wing racist chowderhead  Burt Prelutsky has had a long, interesting career that includes a transformation from “LaLa Land Lib” to wrong-headed rightie.  He now writes tor Townhall.com, a righty slime site owned by a Christian radio network.  Masquerading as a legitimate journo, these days Burt seems to be channeling Strom Thurmond as he shamelessly  lifts bits from Don Rickles and David Duke.

Check out this latest taste:

” Take Michelle Obama…please. Every time I turn around, there she is on a magazine cover. Now, normally, like the Mafia, I lay off the spouses, but inasmuch as this particular spouse attended the same racist church as her hubby for 20 years, I’ll make an exception in her case.

After all, in spite of the fact that affirmative action got her an Ivy League degree and a $7,000-a-week salary and, moreover, has sent billions of dollars for no particularly good reason to Africa, she insists this is a mean country. The burning question in my circle is: if the First Family gets a female dog, will she be the First Bitch or will she have to settle for second place?”

Nice work, Grand Lizard.  Let me see if I read you right…So, because Michelle Obama is a FEMALE, it’s appropriate and acceptable to suggest that the she’s a BITCH.

And since the family’s bringing home a real “bitch,” this potentially relegates Michelle to “runner up” status in “Bitch Land?”  Of course, being black, deductive reasoning suggests that Michelle’s not only a “bitch” in this insulting context but by virtue of her heritage, she’s a BLACK BITCH.   What’s next, you “Storm Front” son of a bitch, “House Nigger?

I genuinely try to abstain from name-calling.  I truly believe our discourse must strive to reach higher standards.  But when a feckless nincompoop like Butt Prelutsky not so subtly suggests my first lady is a black bitch, it’s worth an exception.

BURT–you think this is a JOKE? You think it’s FUNNY to compare our First Lady to a female dog–to infer that she’s anything less than HUMAN, to fuel fires of hate in our nation that still gets people killed?  Is this your red meat for America’s bigots?  It’s hateful as are you.  I terminate higher forms of life every time I mow my lawn.

Please check out Huff Po’s superb article here.  I can’t improve on it, so why try? You can also take action by going to the bottom of HuffPo’s article.

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