First Family is Trash: Tammy Bruce

Trash in the White House

Trash in the White House

Again from HuffPo:

Right-wing wackiness reached new heights as Tammy Bruce, pinch-hitting on hate merchant Ingraham’s radio show, laid waste to First Lady Michelle Obama.

Michelle visited an urban Washington D.C. classroom last week, speaking to students about  her grade school experiences.  Accusing the first lady of adopting a weird, fake accent reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s as she addressed a predominantly ethnic crowd in observance of MLK day, Tammy “Faye” Bruce nearly lost bladder control as she repeated Michelle’s account of wanting to get A’s in school.

Listen to to this unhinged, racist imbecile go off on Michelle Obama.  It’s totally unbelievable. I mean, just LISTEN to this! Sweet, Jumpin’ MOSES!

That’s right.  According to Ms. Bruce, Michelle et al are “trash.”  You know what we’ve got?  We’ve got trash in the White House.   Trash is a thing that is colorblind, it can cross all eco-socionomic… (sic) categories.  You can work on Wall Street, or you can work at the Wal-Mart.   Trash, are (sic) people who use other people to get things, who patronize others, who consider you bitter and clingy…”

WHA?  When did it become okay to slander our first family in this way?  Never repercussions, if we’re lucky, righties apologize, saying that’s not what they meant or was influenced by some prescription meds or was taken out of context, blah, blah, blah.  We should rename the GOP as the “Apologist” Party.  If Republicans don’t want people to refer to or think of them as stupid, upon hearing crap like this, how can anyone compliment their collective intellect?

Such talk show hosts are popular because the GOP base responds to such stupidity and unbridled hate.  What on earth are we suppose to call them?  Is this what now passes for intellectual discourse?  Ron Reagan responded on his radio program.  (Thanks to “Rochester Populist” for posting).

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7 Responses to First Family is Trash: Tammy Bruce

  1. leftcoastlibrul says:

    All they have left is hate. It’s the only thing keeping the party together right now.

  2. punditpawn says:

    Considering the schlop the Left has spewed about George Bush the last 8 years (actually more like 10 years), its pretty tame.

    And the fact you read the Huffpo already proves you have no class to start with, so how could we possibly consider your condescension serious?

  3. Paul Sonderman says:

    So, let me follow your logic…

    Because Bush was an inarticulate, intolerant, vengeful despot that lied us into unilateral war, fired the Iraqi military while failing to secure weapons caches, which then disappeared only to reappear as IEDs used AGAINST US to maim and kill thousands of our troops…as he failed to effectively pursue the real 9-11 perps…

    Because under Bush the Geneva Conventions were considered “quaint,” because he approved torture, turning Iraq into a magnet that attracted waves of sympathetic Islamic extremists…

    Because Bush ignored our constitutional rights, illegally spied on Americans at home and abroad, and threw us into the gravest economic failure since the Great Depression…

    Because these and other “imperfections,” provoked derision of Bush for “actually more than 10 years,” it somehow justifies the indictment of our First Family as “trash” by a low-tier, right-wing, babbling buffoon ? Really? “Trash?” Please explain.

    Even if Bush was as innocent as a fawn, as guileless as a newborn, as pure as a fresh blanket of pristine, glistening snow–even if he was the best president to ever grace the Oval Office yet unfairly suffered the derision of an uncaring, ungrateful, bitter, vicious, partisan minority, who sought only to pillory the poor man, does this justify such bellicose “quid pro quo?”

    Righties always babble about values–Christ, family and all. If you truly believe in these, how does such hate-speak square with that? Is this “WJWD?”

    Now, I realize, not all conservatives are Christian. And some aren’t even insipid, whining pricks. But by virtue of her hateful commentary, this ignominious imp proves that she’s indeed in a footrace for the latter. You may want to reconsider who you defend. Certainly you don’t want to be considered “guilty by association.”

    If you examine my links, you’ll see I read what the right says as well as the left. The contrast is indeed graphic.

    I was liberal when phones had dials. I’m not liberal because I read Huffpo. Rather, I read Huffpo BECAUSE its views are more consistent with mine than say, Michelle Malkin, Michael Savage, the Weekly Standard or Storm Front.

    Pray tell, what has Michelle Obama done to deserve being called “trash” by some blathering bottom-feeder unable to pronounce “socio-economic?”

    By the way, there’s no condescension in my post. Last I knew, condescension and outrage weren’t synonyms. Even so, this insignificant inaccuracy was the only flaw in your otherwise well-reasoned, exceptionally crafted comment. (For the record, THAT’S an example of condescension-as well as sarcasm-a “two-fer!”)

    Thanks for your comment.

  4. Davy Jim says:

    Apparently Paul Sonderman doesn’t recognize a direct, slap in the face insult when he sees one. The first mammy gets what comes with the territory, and that’s what she has done to deserve it.
    So what could be simpler, moron.
    What do you want to bet that bam cuts and runs when he finds out that he is the white liberal’s token black set up to take the fall for a commie power grab gone bad. It’s not so hard to imagine when you know what I know.
    Ask the Clintons about it. They know the same things.
    Despite what Sonderman and those sixties hippies and libs are telling us – black is not beautiful.

  5. Paul Sonderman says:

    Oh, I know when I’ve been insulted. But nothing is more insulting than knowing that insecure, missing link, knuckle-dragging, unenlightened hatemongers like you devour perfectly good oxygen that higher forms of life–like rats–could put to much better use. Either you were born into bigotry and lack the ability to entertain a single independent thought or somehow feel that another race is the root of your problems. In either case, it’s obvious that your last constructive thought died miserably, in lonely isolation.

    People like you shame all Americans. You’re a disgrace. You contribute nothing. If you author a similar racist rant, I won’t post it.

  6. Please, Mr. Sonderman, don’t go the level of the hatemongers. Because we have already so much hate, and the the rights have it so much inside them, and they miss the opportunity to dish it to the USSR, and they invested so many hate in Iraq and sending people to Guantanamo, and trying to kill some democratic elected presidents in South America(I know, they are crazy, but we also have a crazy president and nobody tried to kill him). what I want to say is that they have so much venom inside that they need to trow it out to anything. and the first lady was a really easy target. lets do what we can’t to prevent this hate to reach us, because that will poison us also.

  7. Paul Sonderman says:

    Good point. Thanks. I just reread some of my comments above. Damn.

    What (from me) may seem like hate to you is not–it’s frustration and anger– but judging me on my words alone, (which given this forum is the only way one who doesn’t know me can interpret my intent), I certainly see how you can get that impression.

    I have little patience for such behavior and find it deeply insulting, however I should be careful not to succumb to it or be goaded by it.

    I indeed get angry when miscreants say hateful, bigoted things about anyone. No one “earns” bigotry. It is not a code embedded in our genetic composition. It is learned, ugly, always wrong and poisonous.

    I tend to be outspoken. In being so, I achieve nothing if my only effect is to validate or intensify the resentment expressed here. I seek to do just the opposite. Conditioned response urges retaliation. I need to overcome such instincts to address the bigger problem without resorting to character assassination or any of the other tactics the right uses to replace fact and logic.

    I apologize for failing in that regard and deeply appreciate your constructive criticism.

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