Dean to Scarborough: “Total Nonsense”


"Morning Latte" hosts prepare for the program

Right-wing pundit Joe Scarborough stood corrected by DNC chair Howard Dean yesterday on his Morning Joe (an obvious “send up” of SNL’s old Morning Latte) program.   Just listen to the banal pre-interview banter and watch Mika Brzezinski.  It’s spot on.

Interviewing Dean,  Scarborough  criticized President Obama’s budget proposal, comparing it with what in his words were “eight years of recklessness” under Bush.  Funny, it was only near the end of Bush’s tenure that” Joltin’ Joe” deemed  the Bushies “reckless.”  Prior to that he was one of many GOP media butt boys.

“Did we choose this?,”  asks  Scarborough.   “He (Obama) always talks about moving this in a new direction.  Fiscally, this is going down the same path that George Bush and Republicans took us down eight years.”

Dean disagrees, schooling Scarborough.   Raw Story’s report including clip is here.

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