Gentle Giant Announces Reunion Show

One of my all-time favorite LPs, Gentle Giant's "Octopus"

One of my all-time favorite LPs, Gentle Giant's "Octopus"

OUCH!  I just got a message from the Gentle Giant Facebook Group, to which I belong, announcing a reunion concert in Göteborg, Sweden April 25th.  A Gentle Giant reunion!

Three former members, keyboard player and composer Kerry Minnear,  guitarist Gary Green and drummer Malcolm Mortimore will be joined by renowned musicians John Donaldson (Piano/Keyboards),  Roger Carey (bass), Andy Williams (guitar) and Mike Wilson of 10cc on vocals.

In March 2009, Green and Mortimore were joined by a third Gentle Giant member – Kerry Minnear – and the band consequently changed its name to Three Friends, expanding to a seven-piece by adding current 10cc vocalist Mick Wilson as lead singer…Malcolm Mortimore also announced that the band aimed to create new music in addition to performing Gentle Giant’s repertoire.”

The Facebook group claims it to be “A fabulous chance to once again hear performed live the music of one of the most original and popular prog rock bands of all time.

I  agree that  Gentle Giant was among if not THE most original progressive rock band ever to grace the stage but I feel they got short-changed in the acclaim and popularity departments.  I had the pleasure of seeing them perform in an intimate venue with King Crimson and it was a show like none Ive witnessed.  They were beyond remarkable.

Would love to see the group preform again but Sweden just doesn’t fit into my budget. For those of you that can make the show, I wouldn’t pass it up.

GG Back in the Day


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2 Responses to Gentle Giant Announces Reunion Show

  1. Jason says:

    Oh man, Gentle Giant and King Crimson in a small venue sounds like prog heaven! Do you think there’s going to be a Gentle Giant tour?

  2. Paul Sonderman says:

    It was amazing, “Octopus” was their most recent album at the time. It’s hard to describe seeing those two bands back to back. Both were creative powerhouses. We were right up front and the acoustics were impeccable.

    I’ve seen limited dates posted for a GG tour in the UK and Europe, nothing in the states. I’d love to see them record again.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

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