You’re Welcome In, Just Don’t Crap on My Carpet


The author of  a mean-spirited, conservative site that deals in racist slurs, presents unsupported opinions as fact and generally exists to slime liberals, announced that I’ve banned him from my site.  While I did block his comments, I didn’t ban him.  It’s a free country–at least for now.

I did politely ask him to remove his link to New World Odor because it generated “undesirable” traffic and my efforts to engage him in meaningful, fact-based dialogue failed.  I state here that if he can contribute in a meaningful way without lying, slandering, stereotyping, generalizing, resorting to character assassination (at least to non-public figures) and relying on unsupported facts, he can comment ad nauseum–but I still don’t want his link.

While he is one person in his emails,  a completely different persona shows up on his blog; that of a caustic, self-absorbed, belligerent bully.    If any of the conservative sites I link to ask the same of me, I’ll comply without hesitation or issue.

I regret that my efforts failed in this case, especially because in his emails, he really was incredibly polite and engaging.   Not all opponents are alike.  I welcome opposing comments asking only that they’re not racist or hateful.   If you want to “hit and run” or do a “drive-by,” don’t bother.  I also will appreciate it if all contentions are supported (or at least supportable) by fact.

Those who can’t meet these criteria need not comment–I won’t post it, so don’t waste your time.  If you don’t find these guidelines too restrictive, please share your thoughts and thanks again for reading.

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2 Responses to You’re Welcome In, Just Don’t Crap on My Carpet

  1. Catherine says:

    Paul, I really liked this. You are so funny. Even when you are exasperated. In the end you can always say, get the to a rigthwing nuttery! : )

  2. Mike Schaefer says:

    Bravo, Paul. At least they are hitting an accountability wall somewhere.

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