GOP Still Using Fear to Gin Up Votes


Big Plane on Collision Course With a "Nuke-you-lur" Plant

The GOP is again using hate and the 9-11 terrorists in an effort to paint Democrat Scott Murphy, running in a special election to replace the successor to Sen. Hillary Clinton, Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY),  as “sympathetic” to terrorists.  As if…

The ad uses as voice-over a radio interview in which Murphy, who opposes the death penalty across the board–explains that his belief applies even for the perpetrators behind the Sept. 11,  2001 attacks.

One either believes in Capital Punishment or doesn’t.  If one fundamentally prefers life in prison without parole to institutionalized killing based on religious, philosophic, economic or any other grounds, that’s that.   Such beliefs are absolute and as such,  indeed apply to every convicted criminal, regardless of the depravity of his or her crime.  There can be no double standard.

Understanding this, making one appear in any way sympathetic to heinous criminal behavior on the basis of adherence to such fundamental, universal opposition to Capital Punishment is manipulative and dishonest.  This is absolute as well.

When will the GOP stop resorting to fear and lies to buy votes?   I haven’t studied the candidates in this race but strongly suspect that there is much to differentiate the GOP’s choice from the Dem without painting Murphy as a terrorist sympathizer.  Still, this is exactly the choice the GOP prefers, their “go-to” tactic.  Lie…create doubt, incite panic.  If proven wrong, repeat. “Wash, rinse, repeat.”  Lie, deny and repeat.  Lie, deny and repeat.

A lie proven wrong gets new legs when repeated ad infinitum by the rightie noise machine.  Wear it out in one market, move it to another.  Make every audience in every venue prove it wrong all over again.

Caught “dead to rights?” Let it sleep for awhile, then have a new face restate it publicly.

In my opinion, this exemplifies that the “Values” party indeed considers the Ten Commandments “multiple choice.”  They profess to be  all over the life part but give revenge a pass, as long as a court of mortals blesses it.   The “Thou Shalt not Bear False Witness part?  Not so much.  Which reminds me of a story.

One of my Jewish friends unfortunately, loves pork.  He does his best o avoid it but “when the flesh is weak, ” he seeks forgiveness.   Now, I love me some bacon.  One day over lunch, as we discussed faith, my salad covered in diced ham and bacon bits, I mentioned how tough it would be for me to abstain from pork.  Clearly coveting my bowl, he agreed, saying he really has to  work at it.  Here is where I should have felt guilty.  I should have said that the ham tasted like refrigerator and the bacon was soggy.

Instead, I asked, “What about bacon?  Man, I love bacon.”  Through gritted teeth, he reluctantly  confessed, “yeah, sometimes I break down and eat a slice or two…it’s tough.”  Then we reverently explored the vast universe of bacon and bacon-like products to be  found in  cultures the world over, noting their relative attributes.

Jews account for such transgressions annually as they observe Yom Kippur, he explained.  Do justice to the high holiday  and it’s “Tabla Rasa,” a nice break.  We then went through a list of pork products we enjoy …sausage links, sausage dressing,  chops, tenderloin, open pit-roast pig,  pulled pork and hickory smoked, barbecued RIBS!  All elicited sibilant praise (due to increased salivary activity,) followed by a similar response: he either successfully beats back the beast and abstains or reluctantly partakes in extreme moderation to later bare his soul, begging forgiveness.

That was his story and he stuck to it.  Until we got to the “mother lode” …hickory smoked ham–the mere mention of it transformed his agonized expression.  His guilt apparently vanished–a weight had seemingly been lifted from his shoulders.  He smiled and with the wink of an eye  said, “Ham? Now, that’s just corned beef.”   I laugh to this day.

So considering the Ten Commandments, Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour, (Exodus 20:16) appears to Republicans,  the “smoked ham” of God’s Laws; that is, a  prohibition they can quickly, easily and frequently overlook.   Quoting SNL’s “the Church Lady,”  “How conveeeeenient!

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2 Responses to GOP Still Using Fear to Gin Up Votes

  1. Catherine says:

    Brilliant post Paul. I’m still laughing! I just loved it.

  2. Paul Sonderman says:

    Thanks, kiddo. True story.

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