Spanish Court Seeks GOP Torture Perps


Mr. Clean can remove the troublesome, tell-tale tracks of torture!

Spanish human rights lawyers have accused former Bush administration officials of providing legal cover to Bush policies under which detainees were tortured. Douglas Feith, former undersecretary of defense under Dubya is accused along with David Addington, former chief of staff to Cheney; Jay Bybee, one of the authors of a now-infamous Bush “torture memo;” William Haynes; John Yoo and Alberto Gonzales, Bush’s ex-Attorney General.  The lawyers seek to try Bush’s former executives in Spanish Court.  All charges have been denied.

Feith disagreed, stated, “the charges as related to me make no sense.”  Gonzalo Boye, one of the lawyers filing the complaint, advised Feith to get a “very good lawyer.”

“I would recommend that Mr. Feith first of all read the complaint, and secondly that he get a very good lawyer,” Boye said. “If he is so sure of what he is saying — then the address of the national court is #22 Genova Street, second floor.”

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