Big Eddie Gets a TV Gig @ MSNBC

ST/MEDIA10Jones Radio host Ed Schultz, one of the original liberal talkers, suffered through many years of accusations by right-wing naysayers droning that the liberal talk format was simply not viable.  No one would support it, they said.  Schultz doggedly pursued it, and it’s paying off.  Mr Schultz will debut on MSNBC with his own program in the 6PM slot.

People compare Ed to Rush Limbaugh, essentially calling him the “Bizzaro Rush,” which Schultz takes in stride, saying that unlike Limbaugh, he’s never taken drugs.

Schultz sometimes angers lefties because he tends to be more pragmatic and homespun than talkers from either coast, but he appeals to moderates on both sides of the fence.

At any rate, this is great news for Ed Schultz and in my opinion, great news for America. I’ve been an Ed head for years and when “progressive radio” failed twice in my market (for different reasons) I was happy to never have canceled my XM contract.  I saw him live once and he’s a dynamic, affable live performer. New World Odor congratulates Ed, his lovely wife, Wendy and his entire staff.

Politico reports here.

One of my favorite Big Eddie Moments on THE WORST Morning Show EVER.

Atta Boy, Big Eddie. Go get `Em, Tiger!

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One Response to Big Eddie Gets a TV Gig @ MSNBC

  1. I am glad he is replacing David Schuster. Schuster reminded me of the snotty kid who ratted you out for everything but denied his own shortcomings.

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